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Travel Canada: The Calgary Stampede

Written by Jean Sutherland

Welcome travelers to Cowtown, Canada! This two-week long festival startingrepparttar first Friday after June 2nd can showcases everything underrepparttar 139858 sun to do with ranching. Here is a short description ofrepparttar 139859 attractions, events and festivities this world-renowned event has to offer.

Travel Canada: Stampede Parade

Those traveling from outside of Canada have most likely already seen a Stampede Parade:repparttar 139860 estimated TV audience is well over 2 million people at last count. But nothing compares to seeing this kick off party in person! Visitors in attendance will view over 160 entries that can include marching bands, large horses,repparttar 139861 RCMP, andrepparttar 139862 Stampede Queen and Princesses.

Travel Canada: Chuckwagon Races

The end of every Stampede evening in Calgary, Canada begins withrepparttar 139863 chuckwagon races – an event travelers flock to byrepparttar 139864 droves. Nine heats of four wagons and 16 outriders compete starting at 8:00pm inrepparttar 139865 Grandstand at Stampede Park, and afterwards partygoers are treated to live music, entertainment, and fireworks.

Travel Canada: Stampede Breakfasts

A not-to-miss, every morning event at Stampede, visitor to Calgary, Canada, can eat breakfast for free at one ofrepparttar 139866 several hundred Stampede Breakfasts around town. Pancakes, juice and entertainment is shared, free of charge, to tens of thousand of attendees on a daily basis, all inrepparttar 139867 spirit ofrepparttar 139868 Wild West.

Travel Canada: The Million Dollar Rodeo

The Stampede rodeo has been wowing travelers to Calgary, Canada, since 1912, with saddle bronc, bareback, bull and barrel riding, along with some tie-down roping and steer wrestling to boot. Over 50 ofrepparttar 139869 world’s best compete yearly forrepparttar 139870 largest purse of a regular season professional rodeo.

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