Beach Breaks – The Quick Tan Top Up

Written by Robin Richmond

When most British holidaymakers think of a weekend break abroad, they tend to think of a city break. Indeed, city breaks have rapidly become one ofrepparttar most popular short holiday choices forrepparttar 148371 British public. Cities such as Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona are busy throughoutrepparttar 148372 year with Brits enjoying a little break from their everyday lives. To manyrepparttar 148373 thought of going on a beach holiday for a short break would break with tradition, however growing numbers of savvy travellers are discoveringrepparttar 148374 joys of being in work one minute and then basking on a sun kissed beach a couple of hours later...

Traditionally,repparttar 148375 British are very predictable when it comes to holidaymaking. Every year literally thousands of people take there usual two weeks off to find some sunshine in Spain, Greece or Florida. Beach holidays are seen asrepparttar 148376 main annual break where people can switch off for a fortnight, sit inrepparttar 148377 sun and unwind. Long weekend’s and shorter breaks throughoutrepparttar 148378 year usually involve visiting a hotel inrepparttar 148379 UK or a perhaps a city break abroad. However, forward thinking companies such as have started to challenge these traditions and open up UK consumers torepparttar 148380 idea of beach breaks that can be enjoyed over a shorter period of time.

Perhaps one ofrepparttar 148381 main reasons why such breaks are becoming more accessible arerepparttar 148382 discount airlines such as or offering cheap return flights to popular sunshine resorts such as Ibiza, Gran Canaria and Cyprus. Combining these discount flights withrepparttar 148383 abundance of hotel and accommodation deals that are on offer means that beach breaks are becoming increasingly competitive.

Popular Destinations

Untilrepparttar 148384 escalation ofrepparttar 148385 problems inrepparttar 148386 Middle East, Dubai was seeing year on year increases in volumes of tourists. Since 2003 numbers have dropped slightly but in reality Dubai is an extremely safe destination – with a host of beautiful beach resorts available torepparttar 148387 avid sun seeker. The consistent climate means that sunshine is guaranteed all year round – with only five days of rainfall expected inrepparttar 148388 average year. However, beware – inrepparttar 148389 summer monthsrepparttar 148390 heat can be unbearable and temperatures can sore torepparttar 148391 high forties!

Holidays Afloat: Your guide to the best yachting vacations.

Written by John Thomson

Yachting vacations used to berepparttar sole preserve ofrepparttar 148338 rich or famous;repparttar 148339 price being unachievable for most people. Prices have now dropped considerably withrepparttar 148340 introduction of chartering and many yacht owners now offer other potential seafarersrepparttar 148341 opportunity to ‘rent’ their boat for their dream vacation.

Yachting means you aren’t confined to any one area, or even any one island; giving yourepparttar 148342 opportunity to visit various beaches, coves and beautiful coastlines on your travels. Alternatively, you can remain on your boat and watchrepparttar 148343 sun rises andrepparttar 148344 sun set overrepparttar 148345 clear horizon ofrepparttar 148346 sea. Whether you are looking for an action packed vacation inrepparttar 148347 destinations of your dreams or a tranquil, even romantic getaway for you, your family and loved ones. The possibilities are endless.

Where you can go on your yachting vacation.

Whether you choose to go bareboat, take a captain, or even an entire crew there is bound to be a destination to suit you. Many destinations offerrepparttar 148348 complete package for your vacation. Spend a couple of days in a secluded cove, exploringrepparttar 148349 beaches and seeingrepparttar 148350 beautiful plants and wildlife and thenrepparttar 148351 rest of your vacation inrepparttar 148352 exotic harbour onrepparttar 148353 next island. Everything is possible on a yachting vacation.


Greece offers a number of popular destinations for mooring your yacht. Each island offering you a new surf washed beach combined with traditional Greek villages and exquisite countryside and mountains. The local restaurants and taverns are friendly and welcoming offering some fantastic Greek cuisine and drink.

A short distance away fromrepparttar 148354 harbours you will be able to find a busy and popular nightlife, if required and historical excavations, museums and hospitable people always more than willing to idle awayrepparttar 148355 time with you. For those not proficient inrepparttar 148356 local language there is no need to worry, a vast majority ofrepparttar 148357 locals speak very fluent English and are usually only too happy to put it into practise.


The mainland of Turkey offers a combination of quaint and quiet villages withrepparttar 148358 occasional large town for stocking up on provisions and some fantastic sight seeing. The whole country is awash with ancient ruins fromrepparttar 148359 numerous cultures that have resided there, giving ruins and buildings to visit suiting everyone’s needs.

The larger towns have regular bazaars that bring Turkish crafts both ancient and modern and a sea of many different colours. The smells, sights and sounds are an experience you will never forget.

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