Be an active provider!

Written by Eduardo Queiroz

There are so many business opportunities and affiliate programs out there that it has become hard for potential clients to decide which one isrepparttar best. If you are a part of one of these programs, then you know thatrepparttar 102587 only way to distinguish oneself is to "take that next step" when it comes to customer service and support.

However, there are different levels of customer service and support, especially when it comes to affiliate programs.

I have found that many affiliate programs are "Passive" in their support. What I mean is that they will give out their support materials (redirect web pages, banner links, marketing materials etc.) ONCE, and then just sit back and letrepparttar 102588 affiliates dorepparttar 102589 work from that point on.

For a new affiliate member, this approach is about as appealing as being thrown intorepparttar 102590 deep end ofrepparttar 102591 pool without knowing how to swim. I suggest thatrepparttar 102592 only way to provide PROPER member support is to take an "Active" role in new members' development.

What do I mean by "Active"? Simply this -- when you have new members join your program, you need to be giving them support and advice CONSTANTLY, rather then on just a one-time basis.

Here are a few examples of some "Active" features that a good affiliate program should have:

How To Boost Affiliate Sales With Your Own Training Site

Written by Keller Flynn

Imaginerepparttar confusion if all McDonalds told their new franchise owners was here's your restaurant, now go to it. Not one in 20 McDonalds locations would run smoothly. Owners wouldn't know how to cookrepparttar 102586 food, promoterepparttar 102587 restaurant, or what to tell employees. The mighty McDonalds chain would fall apart in no time.

I agree, this example is ludicrous. But it is exactly what most affiliate programs lay on their members. Affiliates get a link, maybe a banner, maybe even a canned web page, but that's it. It's here's your link, now go make a million.

Naturally that is not nearly enough training. Unless each and every one of your affiliate members is already a business genius, you shouldn't expect more than a trickle of sales.

That's why better affiliate programs insist on having their own affiliate training site. It provides answers to question, tutorials on how to market, and more.

This can be a section on your existing site or, even better, a completely separate site.

* Start your training site with a nice long FAQ page. Write down allrepparttar 102588 questions you have ever been asked about your program, then answer them.

* Step members through every aspect of placing ads, getting a domain name, building their own site, and advertising their business. You can write these tutorials yourself or have a professional writer create them for you. One cheap way is to go to an article bank like and get articles by other writers. You can put your mark on them by introducing each one with a paragraph or two of your own.

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