"Be an Affiliate Site AND a Sales Site"

Written by David McKenzie

Are you just a sales site reselling affiliate products and services?

You have probably seen sites that are selling a product or service and noticed that they also offer an affiliate program you can join. There is often a little link atrepparttar top left or atrepparttar 102582 bottom ofrepparttar 102583 site that says “Affiliate Program”.

Not only can you buyrepparttar 102584 product or service but you can sell it as well and earn a commission.

Well, how about usingrepparttar 102585 same concept for your affiliate programs. How about setting up your site like this but not actually developingrepparttar 102586 product or service yourself.

You can with 2 tier affiliate programs!

Not only can you earn commissions throughrepparttar 102587 sale of products or services at your site directly, you can sign up 2nd tier affiliates to earn commissions for you as well.

Many ofrepparttar 102588 best affiliate programs offer ‘2nd tier opportunities’. You should make sure you join ones that do.

How should you design your site to accommodate sales AND affiliates? There are 2 ways to do this:

1.If you have a number of products or services you are selling at your site then underneathrepparttar 102589 affiliate link to BUYrepparttar 102590 product or service haverepparttar 102591 “join affiliate program” link. Most likely your affiliate program will provide you with 2 different affiliate links.

'How to Create Redirect Pages for your Affiliate Links'

Written by David McKenzie

As an affiliate I use affiliate links at various places throughout my web site, in emails and in other online promotions. These affiliate links are usually long and have a number or word to define whorepparttar affiliate is. As well as using these ‘direct’ affiliate links I have also used redirect pages (or what I might call ‘indirect’ affiliate links) on my web site as well. These are blank web pages whose sole purpose is to redirectrepparttar 102581 visitor torepparttar 102582 affiliate page. I recently did a comparison between direct affiliate links and redirect pages andrepparttar 102583 results were astounding! The redirect pages outperformed direct affiliate links about 2 to 1 when placed inrepparttar 102584 same position on my web site. This meant twice as many people were clickingrepparttar 102585 indirect affiliate link as were clickingrepparttar 102586 direct affiliate link. Why? I have no idea aboutrepparttar 102587 logic behind this but it appears that visitors are less inclined to click a link when they know it is an affiliate link. They would rather haverepparttar 102588 thought in their mind “I want to buy direct”. I must admit I do not think like this because I have bought many times through affiliate links but I guess I’m an affiliate so perhaps I think differently to people who are not affiliates. So if redirect pages work so well, how do you create one?

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