Be a Web Site Reviewer

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

I don't have to tell you that there are millions of sites onrepparttar 117397 Web that - to be blunt - stink! The owners of these sites either don't haverepparttar 117398 time or skill to fix them, or they don‘t understand why their site is not working. They are losing money, and they don't know what to do. Ah - an opportunity!

You can be a Web Site Reviewer. Contactrepparttar 117399 owner of a poorly designed Web site, and offer to analyze it and provide a detailed report of problems and suggested improvements. This will improverepparttar 117400 effectiveness and increaserepparttar 117401 revenue fromrepparttar 117402 Web site.

The fees charged for this service range from free, to over $10,000 depending uponrepparttar 117403 size ofrepparttar 117404 Web site. You could review a Web site for free, if you also just happen to providerepparttar 117405 services required to fixrepparttar 117406 reported problems, and you expected to profit from that.

You could form partnerships with Web designers and programmers, and let them handle some parts ofrepparttar 117407 job. They could implement solutions, or they could even assist inrepparttar 117408 initial review. Use a checklist to review a Web site. For each item inrepparttar 117409 checklist write your findings in a report. Reportrepparttar 117410 good features ofrepparttar 117411 site as well asrepparttar 117412 bad. Staterepparttar 117413 problems you find in a factual, non-critical manner. Below is an example checklist.

Essential Equipment For Your Home Office

Written by BB Lee

Essential Equipment For Your Home Office.. Home Office Tips by BB Lee(C)2003

This is part 4 in a series of Home Business Tip Articles. You can read previous tips at:

This part concernsrepparttar basic equipment you will need in your home office if you want to be productive.

A Computer: I assume most people reading this article already have a personal computer. Purchaserepparttar 117394 best you can afford. But, if you are budget minded, you can find many computer stores selling a full computer setup for under $1,000. For starters, take a look at Dell Computer's Website.

The hardware or software you will need on your computer will depend on your type of buisiness. Most ofrepparttar 117395 newer computers are pre-loaded with allrepparttar 117396 basic software you will need to run your home office inrepparttar 117397 beginning. This would include: emailing, spreadsheets, wordprocessing, database creation. Don't forget to install a good back up system for your important files plus a good surge protector to protectrepparttar 117398 computer. And anti-virus software for added protection when onrepparttar 117399 Internet.

Monitor: Computers are packaged with monitors. A few years ago 15 inches was standard. Now you can easily up grade to a 17 inch screen or larger. Larger viewing areas help reduce eyestrain.

Printers: Again most computers are packaged with a printer. Printers available might be ink jet, or laser. Laser printers produce higher, crisper, professional work. A laser printer is a good choice if you do a lot of printing and correspondence. If you rarely print out your work, a lower price ink jet printer is adequate.

Scanner: If you desktop publish you will certainly need a scanner. Scanners are great for scanning images from books, newspapers, reports. Use to make copies of important business documents.

Fax/Copy Machine: A dedicated fax line is a must if you are online for long periods of time. A fax is still quite essential even inrepparttar 117400 face of email technology. Many business people still prefer a hands on hard copy instead of email documents. Fax machines also are good copy machine substitutes if you frequently need to copy documents. Fax machines are available for under $100. And don't forget that you can easily send and receive faxes from your computer with Win Fax.

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