Be a Master of your own Destiny

Written by June McHardy

Be a Master of your own Destiny (2001 June McHardy

It is now a proven fact that this universe operates within a perfect system of natural laws. One ofrepparttar most universally recognized of these laws isrepparttar 123973 Law of Gravity. According torepparttar 123974 law of gravity, we all know that if you walked offrepparttar 123975 roof of a 12 story building anywhere inrepparttar 123976 world, you'd go "splat" onrepparttar 123977 sidewalk, whether you understood this law or whether you believed in it. The law would prevail.

Similarly, there are many other natural laws operating in our marvelous universe, one of which isrepparttar 123978 "Law of Positive Expectancy". In other words, whatever you think about allrepparttar 123979 time, with emotion, MUST be brought about in your outer world.

For example, when you get a great idea, and dwell on it, plan it and get excited about it, you activaterepparttar 123980 universal forces which will draw in opportunities, people and resources to help you achieve your goal. Howeverrepparttar 123981 opposite is also true. When you start having fear or worry thoughts and dwell on them and visualizerepparttar 123982 worst possible outcome you are usingrepparttar 123983 same universal forces to bring about exactly what you fear because what you think about expands and becomes your reality.

Therefore you owe it to yourself to always monitor your thoughts. Become a "mind policeman". Whenever you start thinking fear or worry thoughts, STOP!! Ask yourself these questions: How can I improve this? . . What can I learn from this? . . Is there an opportunity here?.

As soon as you change your negative self-talk into positive, you change your vibrations and you change what you are drawing into your life . . because THAT IS THE LAW!

Good Grief, I Learned a Lot, Charlie Brown!

Written by Jim M. Allen

For 50 yearsrepparttar daily comic strip 'Peanuts' entertained millions of readers. Every day,repparttar 123972 adventures of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus andrepparttar 123973 whole gang provided many laugh-out-loud moments while atrepparttar 123974 same time offering a daily inspiration and lessons on life.

Withrepparttar 123975 recent death of 'Peanuts' creator Charles Schulz, I reflect on how much I enjoyed sharingrepparttar 123976 adventures ofrepparttar 123977 'Peanuts' gang and I rememberrepparttar 123978 many lessons they taught me...

1. It's okay to be afraid... just don't let your fears control you. Charlie Brown often sat in bed and spoke of his fears, but no matter how scared he was, he always didrepparttar 123979 things he wanted to do.

2. Persistence wins out. Charlie Brown often lost, failed at much, but he never gave up. Even though he knew Lucy was going to pullrepparttar 123980 football away before he could kick it.... Even though he knewrepparttar 123981 tree was going to eat his kite... Even though he knew his team would loserepparttar 123982 ball game, he kept on trying.

3. It's what you think of yourself that counts. Linus carried a security blanket for years and his friends laughed at him. They also laughed at him because he believed inrepparttar 123983 "Great Pumpkin." Pigpen was a walking cloud of dust and dirt and was often regarded unkindly. Both characters, however, were always proud of themselves and believed they were as good as anybody else -- and they were right.

4. Sometimes you need to talk. One thingrepparttar 123984 'Peanuts' gang understood wasrepparttar 123985 importance of talking things out. Whether leaning up against Schroeder's piano or atoprepparttar 123986 brick wall, they always had someplace to discuss what was of concern to them.

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