Be Your Own Customer

Written by Dave Balch

Do you actually use your own product or service to see how well it works? I am constantly amazed atrepparttar number of products that are simply "unusable" for one reason or another.

For example, we purchased a large spill-proof water bowl to bring inrepparttar 117718 car when we takerepparttar 117719 dogs. For $30, it ought to work(!), and it does.


It is nearly impossible to removerepparttar 117720 lid for cleaning. It is very well made of heavy plastic, with a perfect 'snap' fit. Oh,repparttar 117721 illustration shows that it CAN be removed but not HOW, so if there is some special trick to it, I have no way of knowing. I believe that it is not possible to removerepparttar 117722 lid without hurting yourself orrepparttar 117723 plastic.

Don't these people use their own product????? If they did, they would know of this major shortcoming.

I am also reminded of a brush that my wife purchased for cleaning outrepparttar 117724 tubs that we use forrepparttar 117725 horses. They have little tiny handles which are actually loops molded intorepparttar 117726 plastic, but who has hands that small? You'd never get a 10-year-old to do that kind of work! We both end up with scraped or sore knuckles every time we use it. Again, don't these people use their own products? Maybe they are made in Japan, where people tend to be smaller, but even that's no excuse in my opinion.

Which brings up an exception to my caveat; if you would not be considered to be part ofrepparttar 117727 market for a product, you're offrepparttar 117728 hook! You, personally, that is. But you still need to make sure that your products are usable by those for whom they are intended.

When Do I Start Getting Money and Where Does It Come From?

Written by Elena Fawkner

When Do I Start Getting Money and Where Does It Come From?

2002 Elena Fawkner

I received an email duringrepparttar week from a reader of a recent article "The 10 Most Popular Myths About Running A Home-Based Business Online" ( op10.html). That article was, I admit, something of a vent which was long overdue and it struck a chord with many readers who wrote in to let me know that it described their experiences to a T.

One Internet-experienced reader wrote: "People askrepparttar 117717 most amazing questions, such as 'I put up a web site. When do I start getting money and where does it come from?'"

Amazing but true. I kid you not, I get emails like this all repparttar 117718 time. They're what promptedrepparttar 117719 article inrepparttar 117720 first place. So, in this article, rather than venting, I'll be a little more constructive and actually answerrepparttar 117721 question: Just how exactly DO you make money onrepparttar 117722 Internet?

1. The simplest - join an affiliate program (hell, join LOTS of affiliate programs) and spend your time and money advertising and promoting it to drive traffic torepparttar 117723 you-beaut self-replicating website every other affiliate gets. A la

This is a VERY inefficient way of trying to make money online. And it will cost you a fortune before it yields a return. If it ever really does. If you're VERY lucky, you MIGHT just cover your costs.

(If you don't know what an affiliate program is, read "Affiliate Programs ... A Not THAT Easy Start To Your Own Online Business" at

2. Create a content-based website, get traffic to it and use it to promote your affiliate programs. The trick here is to sign up for affiliate programs related torepparttar 117724 subject matter you choose for your website. The idea is that, by creating a content-based website, you will attract targeted REPEAT traffic, thereby increasingrepparttar 117725 odds that someone will buy one of your affiliate program products. This is a MUCH better option than #1. and will save you a fortune on advertising.

3. Create a content-based website, get traffic to it and use it to sell your own products. Anything that can be delivered digitally is a good bet - software, e-books etc.

4. Do #3. above and establish your OWN affiliate program so other people can also sell your product in exchange for a commission.

Be sure to give them a you-beaut self-replicating website in case they're following plan #1. Hey - just because it won't pan out for them doesn't mean you still can't getrepparttar 117726 benefit of their hard work. After all, if you have several hundred affiliates, that's several hundred sales for you if each of them only makes one sale. And best of all, your army of affiliates is each spending a fortune on advertising so YOU don't have to! And just think what a valuable learning experience all of this is for them. You went through it so why not them, right? In fact, they'll probably end up THANKING you one day!

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