"Be Still, And Know That I Am God"

Written by Stephen Kingery

I was recently asked to give devotions at our annual family reunion. The Bible text I used asrepparttar basis for my remarks was, "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted amongrepparttar 140621 nations, I will be exalted inrepparttar 140622 earth!" (Psalm 46:10) In my family were several preachers (my grandfather was one of great stature), singers, piano players, church leaders, and good Christian men and women. I talked aboutrepparttar 140623 Christian heritage of our family and that throughrepparttar 140624 lives of those who have gone on to their reward, God has given us that remain a message: "Be still, and know that I am God." As I reflect on this passage, I realize that God has given us this message in many different ways. In this article I would like to share with you just a few that come to mind.

The Nature of Christians:

If you are a Christian and have been faithful torepparttar 140625 fellowship ofrepparttar 140626 church, I am sure that you know many people who are devout Christians. Have you ever stopped to think aboutrepparttar 140627 nature of these fine people. The fruit ofrepparttar 140628 Spirit as given in Galatians 5:22,23 is evident in their lives. We can see a love forrepparttar 140629 Lord which is boundless as well as a deep love for their fellow Christians and all who are outside of Christ. Asrepparttar 140630 old song says, "There is joy unspeakable" in their lives. Through good times and bad,repparttar 140631 joy of being a Christian is ever present in their daily Christian walk. We see peace, patience and kindness at every turn. Their goodness, gentleness and self-control is a part of everything that they do. And their faithfulness to Christ andrepparttar 140632 church are foremost in their lives. As we look atrepparttar 140633 example that these people have set for us, that message from God rings out, "Be still, and know that I am God."

The Beauty of Nature:

Unfortunately I am not able to get out intorepparttar 140634 country and enjoyrepparttar 140635 beauty of allrepparttar 140636 things God has created. I long forrepparttar 140637 day that I can retire from my job and spend time in nature. But as I look and beholdrepparttar 140638 beauty of God's creation, I truly stand in awe. To seerepparttar 140639 beauty ofrepparttar 140640 trees, flowers, shrubs and allrepparttar 140641 many varieties of plants is wonderful. To gaze into a beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds brings back memories of childhood. To watchrepparttar 140642 uniqueness and gracefulness ofrepparttar 140643 many animals of creation is also a sight to behold. To seerepparttar 140644 majesty ofrepparttar 140645 Rocky Mountains orrepparttar 140646 vastness ofrepparttar 140647 Atlantic Ocean we realize how small we really are. When we see these things, reach down to pick a dainty flower or feelrepparttar 140648 warm summer breeze we are reminded, "Be still, and know that I am God."

The Bible:

Are you a student ofrepparttar 140649 Bible? I certainly hope so. If you read and study it you will soon see what a wonderful book it is. It isrepparttar 140650 Word of God. In its pages you will discover over and over againrepparttar 140651 love God has for His creation, man. You will seerepparttar 140652 awesomeness of creation,repparttar 140653 gentleness of Christ andrepparttar 140654 boldness ofrepparttar 140655 apostles as they establishrepparttar 140656 church. You will learn how to overcome sin, how to praise God and how to become a Christian. In its sixty-six books you will learn how God has dealt with man. You will read ofrepparttar 140657 faithful andrepparttar 140658 unfaithful. You will find books of law, history, poetry, prophecy and instruction in how to live a good Christian life. You will see Christ evident in it from Geneses through Revelation. All ofrepparttar 140659 Bible is about this one glorious message, "Be still, and know that I am God."

The Universe:

One of my favorite songs has these words: "Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider allrepparttar 140660 worlds Thy hands have made. I seerepparttar 140661 stars, I hearrepparttar 140662 rolling thunder; Thy power throughoutrepparttar 140663 universe displayed." To sing "How Great Thou Art" and truly considerrepparttar 140664 awesome creation of God will bring a tear to your eye. To think how vastrepparttar 140665 universe is and to know that God spoke it all into existence is to know how great He is. On a clear night go outside and beholdrepparttar 140666 moon and stars. You too will hear that message, "Be still, and know that I am God."

The Conclusion to the Rapture

Written by Michael Bradley


If there is going to be a Rapture, I believe that God will rapture His believers off of this earth sometime beforerepparttar start ofrepparttar 140595 7 year Tribulation. I donít think He will wait torepparttar 140596 midpoint ofrepparttar 140597 Tribulation whererepparttar 140598 Antichrist seats himself inrepparttar 140599 Temple proclaiming himself to be God and then starts allrepparttar 140600 persecution.

I feelrepparttar 140601 Antichrist will be fully revealed torepparttar 140602 world atrepparttar 140603 beginning ofrepparttar 140604 7 year Tribulation when he enters into a peace treaty and covenant with Israel, and then allows them to start rebuilding their Temple so that he can eventually get into it atrepparttar 140605 midpoint ofrepparttar 140606 Tribulation to proclaim himself to be God.

And rememberrepparttar 140607 very first verse above, thatrepparttar 140608 Antichrist cannot be revealed until "He" is taken out ofrepparttar 140609 way. And when "He" is taken out ofrepparttar 140610 way, thenrepparttar 140611 Antichrist can be fully revealed torepparttar 140612 rest ofrepparttar 140613 world. And "He" in my opinion may berepparttar 140614 Church orrepparttar 140615 Body of Believers that are living atrepparttar 140616 time of these events.

The other reason I thinkrepparttar 140617 Rapture will occur sometime beforerepparttar 140618 start ofrepparttar 140619 7 year Tribulation is thatrepparttar 140620 Antichrist is going to need some time to set things up. Oncerepparttar 140621 Church is taken out, he will be free to start operating at full scale. The first thing he is going to do is convince and persuaderepparttar 140622 rest ofrepparttar 140623 world to follow him and I feel he will do that by trickery and deception. If he startsrepparttar 140624 persecution too early on those who will not take his mark, he will risk not being able to gain full control of everything.

I feel he will first suck everyone in by peace and diplomacy andrepparttar 140625 promise of a better world. Then once he has enough ofrepparttar 140626 nations on his side andrepparttar 140627 Jewish Temple is once more rebuilt, that will berepparttar 140628 time that He will then go for all ofrepparttar 140629 marbles. He will seat himself inrepparttar 140630 temple atrepparttar 140631 midpoint ofrepparttar 140632 Tribulation, proclaim himself to be God, kill anyone who will not accept his mark, and will then seek total world domination and control. Think about this. This one man, throughrepparttar 140633 power of Satan, will get a chance to have more power and control overrepparttar 140634 entire world than any other man has ever had duringrepparttar 140635 entire course of our human history. This will berepparttar 140636 ultimate ego trip for a power hungry human being.

I think thatrepparttar 140637 last three and half years ofrepparttar 140638 Tribulation is going to berepparttar 140639 last and final history lesson from God to us. Withrepparttar 140640 Church being taken out ofrepparttar 140641 way so Satan andrepparttar 140642 Antichrist can operate at full force, I feel that God is going to show all of us how much terror, death and destruction humans and demons are capable of committing if given halfrepparttar 140643 chance without God directly intervening.

In three and half years, Satan andrepparttar 140644 Antichrist are going to cause so much death and destruction on this earth, that Jesus Himself says that had these days not been shortened by Godrepparttar 140645 Father Himself - that no flesh would have been saved! I really feel that Satan, if he knew he hadrepparttar 140646 chance, would set uprepparttar 140647 entire scenario withrepparttar 140648 Antichrist to destroyrepparttar 140649 entire world through nuclear weaponry.

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