Be Kind to Animals Teaching Tip

Written by Freda J. Glatt, M.S.

Did you knowrepparttar first week in May is Be Kind to Animals Week? Here are a few ideas to help you get that message across to your matter what month it is.

1. Here is a poem to read, taken from May Days, Macmillan Seasonal Activity Packs, 1985.

Little children, never give Pain to things that feel or live. Letrepparttar 136604 gentle robin find Allrepparttar 136605 crumbs you leave behind. Feed your dog and let him run Bounce and play and bark in fun. Petrepparttar 136606 kitten soft and small; She'll come to you when you call. Letrepparttar 136607 bunny hop and play Onrepparttar 136608 lawn at close of day. Watchrepparttar 136609 chipmunk orrepparttar 136610 mouse Peep out of her little house. Let these creatures run along And do not do them any wrong.

2. Have children tell how they can be kind torepparttar 136611 animals inrepparttar 136612 poem, as well as to others they name. Write down their suggestions.

3. Older children will be able to illustraterepparttar 136613 poem above, write down how they will be kind torepparttar 136614 animals, and putrepparttar 136615 pages into a booklet.

4. Make a copy ofrepparttar 136616 poem and have children frame or underline words you dictate, words that begin with a certain letter or sound, adjectives, nouns, verbs, plurals, 2-syllable words,repparttar 136617 contraction, or rhyming words. Do a few categories and have children use different colored crayons or pencils.

5. Give oral or visual (written) clues so that children can guessrepparttar 136618 animal you have in mind. Play it like a game and see who can guessrepparttar 136619 mystery animal inrepparttar 136620 least amount of clues!

Law Day Teaching Tip

Written by Freda J. Glatt, M.S.

You probably remember May Day on May 1 but did you know that Law Day is celebrated on that same date?! Here are some suggestions for celebrating:

1. Invite a local congressperson to visit your school, grade group, or classroom. Have your class write down questions beforehand, vote onrepparttar best, choose an interviewer, and conductrepparttar 136603 visit like an interview. This procedure will review thinking, writing, democratic responsibility, and speaking. HINT: If you videotaperepparttar 136604 visit, your class can view it while you are preparing cums atrepparttar 136605 end ofrepparttar 136606 year! It would also serve to show your absentees on that day what transpired.

2. If you are parents, take your children, depending upon their ages, to a town or city hall meeting.

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