Be A Friend!

Written by /"Wild Bill/"

Every sales interaction, whether in person or virtually from your web page, should begin and end on a personal note. The customer andrepparttar sales or marketing person should begin and end their relationship as two "human beings" building towards a goal that is mutually beneficial, not as buyer and seller. This is called "building a professional relationship". Your customer is not, and can never be just another sale. Takerepparttar 127522 extra time to build your "Professional Relationship" and ultimately into a "Professional Friendship".

There is no rule set down that says you must remain only buyer and seller. The sign of a true marketing professional isrepparttar 127523 ability to serve successfully as an "Ambassador" of his company or product. Just as an Ambassador, a successful marketer is required to have sensitivity, tact and most of all "Sincerity". There is nothing easier for a customer to pick up on, than a salesperson making believe that they are sincere when they are obviously not. It requires more than dry, tasteless questions ofrepparttar 127524 family's health. If you have not yet fully discoveredrepparttar 127525 benefits of building "Professional Friendships", you are blindly passing by a waiting pool of prospects.

Being a Professional Friend might mean making a mere call or sending an email to see if they are happy with your product or to see how their business is progressing. It may be an offer of counseling with a business problem. But do it "without"repparttar 127526 sole intention of making another sell. People will respond to your caring and consideration, and come to think of you as a friend who cares. Therefore, they are more likely to make their next purchase from you, a professional they have come to trust.....a friend.

Never Leave Your Friend Behind!

It is a very important principle in sales and marketing that there be a pleasant beginning and an even more pleasant finale to a professional relationship or friendship. The old saying, "Don't Burn Your Bridges Behind You" comes to mind. Many sales professionals seem to eager to dissolve such relationships becauserepparttar 127527 customer stops buying. Right away, they move on to, or focus onrepparttar 127528 next customer. Their conversation becomes dead and their manner formal. Apparently they are thinking to themselves, "No more orders from this person". There may even be a formal thank you and a polite goodbye, but if you have suddenly lost interest in people they become keenly aware of this fact and will often take it personally. They may think to themselves, "Well, if that'srepparttar 127529 way they feel because I wasn't interested this time.........". People are not pleased with formal and distant attitudes after any type of relationship has been formed.

"Wild and Crazy Headlines Sell!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

The idea is to catch their ATTENTION.

You might haverepparttar best product or service inrepparttar 127521 universe but if no one reads your ad, no one will ever know about it.

How many emails do you receive daily?

And, how many of those emails do you delete automatically becauserepparttar 127522 headline did nothing to peak your interest?

The headline must be short, no more than 6 to 8 words. Less, in this case, would be more.

The very best headline I have ever seen in an email message was just 3 short words long. It captured my attention and enticed me to click onrepparttar 127523 link to visit a web site.

Can you guess what those words might have been?

Your headline must be inrepparttar 127524 Subject area of your email message and it is recommended that you make use of one or more action words to help capture your reader's imagination.

If you would like a FREE list of about 50 Action Words:

We are all busy online and we do not have time to do more than give our email a quick scan ofrepparttar 127525 headlines to see if there is anything of interest that we want to read.

Plain-Jane headlines will NOT give yourepparttar 127526 results you seek.

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