Baycol Lawsuit Lawyer: Baycol Side Effects Litigation

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

The German pharmaceutical company Bayer AG announced in August of 2001 a voluntary withdrawal of its drug Baycol (cerivastatin) fromrepparttar US and European markets. Over 31 people have died while takingrepparttar 149312 drug. They perish of severe muscle breakdown, a rare condition that has been associated with cholesterol-lowering drugs like Baycol. Many ofrepparttar 149313 people to die while using Baycol were also using gemfibrozil, despite warnings aboutrepparttar 149314 danger of mixingrepparttar 149315 two.

Drug recalls are relatively rare, representing less than 3% of drugs that are released intorepparttar 149316 market. The FDA supported this voluntary recall. Baycol has been used worldwide by over 6 million people, and it will remain onrepparttar 149317 market in Japan where gemfibrozil is unavailable.

Since statins (cholesteral-lowering drugs) were introduced inrepparttar 149318 marketplace many physicians noted that patients experienced muscle spasms and pain. In this case ofrepparttar 149319 Baycol tragedies, this muscle soreness progressed to a full-scale breakdown, a condition called rhabdomyolysis. As this muscle tissue breaks down it releases toxic proteins intorepparttar 149320 bloodstream. When this tainted blood reachesrepparttar 149321 internal organs it causes kidney failure. Nearly all ofrepparttar 149322 Baycol deaths were caused by kidney failure.

Redux Lawyer Discusses Fen-Phen Fad

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

Inrepparttar early nineties, Redux wasrepparttar 149311 original miracle diet pill. A predecessor to fenphen, Redux was justrepparttar 149312 “fen”, fenfluramine inrepparttar 149313 form dexfenfluramine. The drug increasedrepparttar 149314 production of seratonin, which gaverepparttar 149315 brain feelings of satiety, or fullness. Overweight people felt a great responsibility lifted from their shoulders. In Redux,repparttar 149316 drug industry promised a thin, healthy body without painful exercise or unpleasant diet restrictions! Within three months, doctors were writing 85,000 prescriptions for Redux every week.

We now know how this story ends. Like most miracle drugs, Redux was too good to be true. The increase of seratonin caused people using Redux to be moody and disconsolate. Soonrepparttar 149317 fenfluramine cocktail drug fenphen replaced Redux onrepparttar 149318 shelves. This is notrepparttar 149319 end ofrepparttar 149320 story, however. Soon after thousands of Americans had swallowed fenphen pills,repparttar 149321 mortality reports began coming in.

Redux and fenphen workrepparttar 149322 same way, by floodingrepparttar 149323 brain with chemicals that trigger that full feeling. Becauserepparttar 149324 patient feels full, they do not feelrepparttar 149325 need to eat. The drug imparts a comfortable form of anorexia. While this is unhealthy in and of itself, denyingrepparttar 149326 patient essential nutrients, it was notrepparttar 149327 worst aspect ofrepparttar 149328 drug. The drug did not simply elevate seratonin levels inrepparttar 149329 brain, it floodedrepparttar 149330 whole blood stream with seratonin. When this chemical reachedrepparttar 149331 heart it weakenedrepparttar 149332 heart valves, causing massive heart valve disease in people using either fenfluramine drug, Redux or fenphen.

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