Battle Of The Hostings

Written by Budianto Salim

Battle Of The Hostings Review 2004 Budianto Salim

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There are literally thousands of hosting solutions onrepparttar internet right now, fromrepparttar 134376 free ones at torepparttar 134377 ones who charge you an arm and a leg. After filtering outrepparttar 134378 sharks,repparttar 134379 copy cats & other crap, finally I have decided to review two ofrepparttar 134380 best and most complete hostings package available on this planet. Please note that these are notrepparttar 134381 cheapest hostings around but these really give good value for your money, instead of asking you to upgrade later for an additional fee. Here is why :

Host 4 Profit is our first contender weighing at 300 Megabytes disk space and with a traffic limit of 10 Gigabytes per month. You might think that 300 megabytes is nothing compared to your hard disk but for doing business onrepparttar 134382 web, this should be more than sufficient. Besides being a heavy weight, you are also going to be quick footed by getting unlimited pop e-mail accounts and e-mail aliases. You also get unlimited mailing lists / newsletters and autoresponders which means being able to utilizerepparttar 134383 best marketing tool ever, which is building your own opt-in list which is going to be your prospective customer base for current anf future product offers.

Managing Your website is a cinch withrepparttar 134384 web based control panel. You can accessrepparttar 134385 comprehensive online support, your account information, upload / update files via a web based interface, change your password, manage, add or access your pop3 e-mail, create mailing list / newsletter, setup MySQL database, view site statistics reports for your own analysis or if you use a third party analysis software just downloadrepparttar 134386 access logs, manage frontpage extensions, submit your site to several search engines automatically, setup a secure server, setup a web page counter, setup a shopping cart, setup a search engine for your homepage, access your instant profit sites, backup your website, schedule nightly events, view error logs for trouble shooting your site and you can even design your website from this control panel !!

Most hosting companies usually just providerepparttar 134387 space for your website and after that you are on your own but Host4Profit goes further than that by also providing instant plugin sales letter sites andrepparttar 134388 corresponding quality products for you to sell and keep 100% ofrepparttar 134389 margin (Free Resell Rights).

They also went torepparttar 134390 point of providing free membership to one ofrepparttar 134391 best marketing archives (The Warrior Group) containing tons of free reports, articles and e-books on how to succeed online. If you have exhaustedrepparttar 134392 archive (which is constantly updated), you can take part inrepparttar 134393 discussion in one ofrepparttar 134394 best internet marketing forums (over 30.000 members) available "The Warrior Forum" which is also included in The Warrior Group Membership.

Once they educate you on marketing online, then they also provide tools like Complete Ad Tracking Systems to monitor your marketing efforts, Affiliate Tracking Scripts for tracking your affiliates if you decide on setting up your own affiliate program and have thousands of affiliates selling for you and more.

If you want to become an affiliate to this hosting package, you can become an affiliate and earn residual income of US$ 10 / Month for each signups and if you can reachrepparttar 134395 target of 500 signups within 6 months, you will get a fully paid vacation torepparttar 134396 Grand Bahamas. How much does all this cost ? A measly US$ 24.95/Month and payable monthly which means you can stop anytime you want. WOW !!

This means that besides providing your hosting needs, they provide your own products to sell with free resale rights or their own proven product by becoming an affiliate, they teach you how to market them online or how to create your own unique products to sell, they get you updated onrepparttar 134397 latest marketing tactics inrepparttar 134398 forum, they give you tools to market, monitor your ads and everything else needed. I am wordless..... I suggest that you take a look by yourselves to see whetherrepparttar 134399 offer is still valid ??

However,repparttar 134400 negative points compared torepparttar 134401 next hosting package is that you have to add another US$ 30,-/year cost for each domain name registered with them and that they have no money back guarantee. This might be because their hosting package charges you monthly instead of yearly. Although their affiliate program is quite simple and straightforward,repparttar 134402 affiliate promotion tools are not as comprehensive asrepparttar 134403 next hosting package reviewed below.

Windows vs Linux : Hosting

Written by Teeyes Siva

The Basics of Linux & Windows :

Linux (and its close relation Unix) and Windows 2000 (and its close cousin Windows NT) are types of software (known as operating systems) that web servers use to dorepparttar kind of things that web servers do. You do not need to know any real detail of either to make a decision as to which you need but here a few guidelines.

Just because you use a windows desktop PC doesn't mean you have to opt for Windows web hosting (andrepparttar 134375 reverse is true as well). The operating system you use on your desktop has little to do with your choice of web hosts. As long as you understand how to use your FTP or web publishing software, your can use either operating system.

But what is important is that you know what you want your website to do and what you want to offer on it. This is what will ultimately help determinerepparttar 134376 type of web hosting that will work best for you. As mentioned earlier, interactive websites usually rely on ASP, PHP, or Perl type languages.

Linux Web Hosting or Windows 2000 Web Hosting ? Make your Choice !

When it comes to Web hosting, Linux has, for some time, been widely consideredrepparttar 134377 best OS for Web servers. It's typically found to berepparttar 134378 most reliable, stable and efficient system and, as such, it's commonly used forrepparttar 134379 demanding environment of Web and mail servers. Indeed,Most ofrepparttar 134380 clients websites of aalpha NET runs onrepparttar 134381 Linux OS precisely because of this traditional stability.

The million-dollar question is what application are you looking to use for your hosting? Considerrepparttar 134382 tools and scripting languages you plan to use if you use PHP, Perl or MySQL, Linux isrepparttar 134383 way forward. If apps are Microsoft-specific, then Windows is what you need.

If your site, like most web sites, is what might be termed "brochure-ware" then Linux servers are ideal. By brochure-ware I mean a site that offersrepparttar 134384 kind of information that inrepparttar 134385 past might have been provided on paper inrepparttar 134386 form of brochures, newsletters or data sheets. Brochure-ware sites will offer some interaction through enquiry forms and can certainly incorporate online purchasing and other routine e-commerce functions.

If however your site incorporates an online searchable database or interactive chat facilities then Windows 2000 or NT will be a better bet in most cases. It will cost a bit more but you'll get that back in reduced development time and simply better functionality.

The following arerepparttar 134387 advantages of using Linux based web server compared to Windows based web server :

Stable: Linux/Unix operating systems has traditionally been believed to be very stable and robust. A web site housed on a Linux operating system will have very high up-time (ofrepparttar 134388 order of 99.9%). Of course, other factors such as power supply, network admin skills, and network load etc. also matter when it comes to maintainingrepparttar 134389 system uptime.

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