Basics to Search Engine Optimization

Written by Mirza Mohd Ali Baig

Basics to Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization popularly known as SEO.

SEO isrepparttar process of optimizing or modifying a website to increase its popularity and ranking in listings of search engines.

What is Search Engine?

A Search Engine isrepparttar 147452 one which keeps a data base ofrepparttar 147453 websites with good content or dedicated torepparttar 147454 search and retrieval of information forrepparttar 147455 purpose of catalogingrepparttar 147456 results. Usually based on an index of several webpages or websites you are looking for your purpose.

Customers Search forrepparttar 147457 products or service on these Search Engine for keywords andrepparttar 147458 results will be provided as per your site indexing on that search engine or based onrepparttar 147459 popularity of your keyword.

Basics of SEO

1) Keyword Research

2) Site Building

How to Manage SEO

Written by By Michael Murray, VP of Fathom SEO

Whether you launch a search engine optimization program in-house or outsourcerepparttar program, you should keeprepparttar 147250 following training opportunities and skill sets in mind:

Advanced SEO techniques, including page titles, META descriptions, META keyword sets, internal page cross-linking, search engine submissions, robots.txt files and domain name management; Comprehends keyword weighting, proximity, density and related factors; Search term ranking analysis; Link popularity building research, management and strategy; Online forum and industry newsletter monitoring; National SEO conferences; HTML and advanced programming languages; Web site content writing; Essential Web site usability practices; Keyword research, including a firm understanding of language andrepparttar 147251 way people search; Web analytics, including understanding common and complex metrics associated with visitors, unique visitors, page views, online sales, profitability and more; Ability to seerepparttar 147252 big picture and not go so overboard with SEO practices thatrepparttar 147253 web site gets banned from major search engines;

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