Basics of Search Engine Positioning

Written by Renee Kennedy

A. Terms

Search Engine: A machine "tuned" by humans to index web pages. For instance, Excite.

Algorithm: The way in whichrepparttar search engine is "tuned". An algorithm isrepparttar 128172 wayrepparttar 128173 search engine will determine ranks - it isrepparttar 128174 wayrepparttar 128175 search engine is programmed to determine ranks. An algorithm may take only certain things into account - like keywords inrepparttar 128176 title or link popularity. Some engines use cyclical algorithms - meaning they may change algorithms from week to week.

Directory: A list of sites compiled by humans. For instance, Yahoo!

Spider: A spider goes to your site and finds your pages. It then stores those pages in a database for future retrieval byrepparttar 128177 search engine.

Indexing: Whenrepparttar 128178 search engine takesrepparttar 128179 pages fromrepparttar 128180 database thatrepparttar 128181 spider has created and places them in an order based onrepparttar 128182 algorithms of that engine. All search engines have a different indexing process - due to different algorithms - that's why you get different results in different engines.

Query: The keywords that a person types into a search box. A person is "querying"repparttar 128183 search engine.

Crawling: Whenrepparttar 128184 spider followsrepparttar 128185 links fromrepparttar 128186 page you submit -repparttar 128187 spider is "crawling" your site.

Automatic Update: Whenrepparttar 128188 spider returns to your pages at periodic intervals to check to see if you've made any changes.

Optimizing: You can optimize, tune or configure your web pages for a specific search engine. This means that you are employing specific strategies for specific engines.

Spam: - Usingrepparttar 128189 same keyword more than three times in your keywords tag.

- Putting keywords into your tags that has nothing to do with your actual page content.

- Using text, spacers, or bordersrepparttar 128190 same color asrepparttar 128191 background.

- Using tiny text with keywords in an attempt to increase ranks.

B. Search Engines v. Directories

There is a difference between a search engine and a directory. A search engine is a machine - or a "robot". A human may program algorithms for a search engine, but a human will have nothing to do with your site whenrepparttar 128192 spider is visiting your site orrepparttar 128193 engine is indexing your pages.

A directory can be compiled by a robot, but more often than not, it is compiled by humans. Yahoo! is a prime example of a directory. When you submit your site to Yahoo! a human will review your site for consideration in their index.

The lines between search engines and directories are becoming jaded. This is because each major "search engine" is associated with a "directory." For instance, we used to call AltaVista a search engine. However, we have to be careful with that terminology. When you go to AltaVista and you type in a search - you are definitely getting results fromrepparttar 128194 "engine" part of AltaVista. But when you search down throughrepparttar 128195 "categories" - you haven't typed anything intorepparttar 128196 "search box" - you are now getting results from a directory (these results come from two directories - Open Directory Project and LookSmart.)


Written by Steve Nash

NO, don't bother! It's a waste of time, and you'll probably just receive lots of spam.

Instead, submit your site torepparttar major search engines and directories, monitor results, and resubmit only if your site isn't listed yet. (You have worked hard on page content, page title and keyword and description meta tags, haven't you?) Repeat this process for any new content you create.

You can use an automatic tool, or you can hand-submit to each site. The latter approach takes more time, but at least you can be sure your site *has* been submitted!

Either way,repparttar 128171 site-submission process doesn't take long, but it may well take a few months before your efforts are rewarded by search engine traffic. But rewarded you will be - search engines are stillrepparttar 128172 best way of getting site traffic, for least cost!


Use Jim Tools site submission tool. This fantastic tool allows you to submit your site to allrepparttar 128173 major search engines and directories (excludingrepparttar 128174 human-edited directories like Yahoo!, Looksmart, and DMOZ - you have to visit these sites directly. You must now also visit Alta Vista directly, too.)

Jim Tools is a highly popular destination with webmasters and site promotersrepparttar 128175 world over; so you can be sure thatrepparttar 128176 submission tool is kept up to date. (Hence it is best to visit at a less popular surfing time ofrepparttar 128177 day!)



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