Basic Discus Fish Care

Written by Rob Clarke

Are you thinking about getting some discus then and want to know a little about them. Have you been torepparttar aquatics and seen some lovely colourful discus in there show tanks. A lot of people will tell you that discus are only for advanced fish keepers but in my experience they are easy to keep as long as you follow some basic rules.

First of all, discus require clean water free of chlorine and heavy metals. You may be best to invest in a water purifying unit. Make surerepparttar 150675 water is onrepparttar 150676 soft and acidic side. pH between 6.0 and 7.5 with a general hardness between 5 and 15. Now is you want to been them these will have to be lower.

The water should be well filtered but slow moving and be heated at around 82 86F.

Another point to cover is that discus are best suited to large deep aquariums as they commonly grow to around 6 or 7 inch. They prefer to be in shoals of no less than 6 when they are growing up.

No More Stillborn Kittens Know How To Care For A Pregnant Cat

Written by Marc de Jong

I named all kittens, although they were all stillborn. My pregnant cat has a bloody vaginal discharge. I had a litter of five, but only one kitten survived.

These are only a few ofrepparttar horror stories I receivedrepparttar 150645 past weeks. Cat lovers that had hoped for a healthy litter, suddenly found themselves with stillborn kittens or an ill mother cat.

Theres a lot that can go wrong when cats are pregnant or give birth, even when most cats deliver without major problems.

Amongrepparttar 150646 dozens of possible complications are infections inrepparttar 150647 womb, death ofrepparttar 150648 fetuses, spontaneous abortion, development of fetuses outsiderepparttar 150649 womb, suffocation of a kitten right after birth, kittens that get stuck inrepparttar 150650 birth canal ... its a long list.

For experienced breeders and specialized vets its easy to recognize such problems. But things are different for a regular pet lover. Many female cats have only one litter during their life.

Some people rush off torepparttar 150651 vet when their pregnant cat is only a little tired of walking around. Others wait too long because they are unaware ofrepparttar 150652 discharge from their cats vagina. Or they dont know how to cut an umbilical cord without causing a heavy bleeding.

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