Barter Your Way To Success

Written by Elizabeth Sinclair

Barter Your Way To Success By Elizabeth Sinclair

You do not have to spend your hard earned cash to establish an internet presence.

Barter your way to success! Simply defined, bartering isrepparttar trading of goods and services withoutrepparttar 125028 exchange of money. You can save thousands of dollars annually on advertising costs by paticipating in barter exchanges.

If you have a product or service you are trying to sell onrepparttar 125029 internet, you need to increase your website exposure, spendingrepparttar 125030 least amount of money as possible. Bartering is free advertising for your product or service. For example, an ezine owner may have extra ad space they would like to use in a barter exchange. You would offerrepparttar 125031 ezine owner your product or service for free in exchange for free advertising in their newsletter.

Bartering is also a great way of obtaining a product or service you need for free. Once you findrepparttar 125032 product or service you are looking for, offerrepparttar 125033 owner a fair exchange. If you have a newsletter with a high subscriber base, offer free advertising in your newsletter in exchange for their product or service. Or if you can create professional looking graphics, offer to design free graphics forrepparttar 125034 owner's website in exchange for their product or service. The possibilities are endless.

Low Cost Web Site Promotion For Small Businesses

Written by Daria Goetsch

Promoting your small business website inrepparttar search engines can be a daunting task. Use of free submissions and link popularity is a good starting point for your website promotion campaign.

Start withrepparttar 125027 basis of good search engine and directory listings. Make sure you read and follow each search engine and directory's rules for submissions. Before making submissions, always verify that all your website links and pages work, with no pages "under construction".

Search Engines and Directories

Begin withrepparttar 125028 Open Directory Project (ODP ODP is free and provides secondary search results to many other search engines. (Secondary search results are search results that come up afterrepparttar 125029 primary search results of a search engine are shown.) Google usesrepparttar 125030 ODP directory results in their search engine results.

It is preferable to secure a listing in ODP before submitting your website to Yahoo!, but it often takes time to become listed in ODP and may not be possible. If you can afford a yearly $299.00 subscription to submit to Yahoo! (, do so. If you are a non- commercial website, you may be able to submit your website for free. You will findrepparttar 125031 rules about free submissions when you click onrepparttar 125032 "suggest a site" link atrepparttar 125033 bottom of your chosen category page.

Google isrepparttar 125034 top search engine and one you want to be listed in. Google provides secondary search results to other search engines and directories.

If you do B2B (business-to-business) with other companies, ( is a reasonable $99.00 subscription per year and gives yourepparttar 125035 opportunity to list not only your home page, but four other pages from your website. The search results are used by many other business sites for search results.

Inktomi is a good choice for a reasonably priced link (yearly fee of $39.00 for first page, $25.00 per page 2-1000 for additional pages) and will get you into secondary search results for repparttar 125036 MSN search engine. Position Technologies has a good submission program available for Inktomi ( ( listings are part ofrepparttar 125037 LookSmart directory, which provides primary search listings for MSN. You must sign-up to become a Zeal editor and pass a test before being able to add your non-commercial submissions to Zeal. Articles and tutorials are good choices to use when submitting non-commercial information from your website to

Many ofrepparttar 125038 major search engines still include a free submission section for their listings. Paid Inclusion and PPC (pay-per-click) are alwaysrepparttar 125039 faster choices, but if your budget is limited you may want to consider submitting and waitingrepparttar 125040 6-8 weeks (or more) it often takes to see your listings show up.

Major search engines providing free submissions include: Google (, AltaVista (, and AlltheWeb (

Secondary search engines you can submit to for free include Gigablast ( and ScrubtheWeb ( One smaller directory is JoeAnt (

Link Popularity Methods

If you are a small business, seek out business directories to submit to, especially those directly related to your business.

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