Barbie & Ken Frequency

Written by Susan James

As children, some of us have dolls and cowboy boots and hats, and holsters and guns, with caps of course !! Some have GI Joe and Barbie & Ken Dolls.

W hadrepparttar Barbie castles, and cars, and we had those imaginary conversations between Barbie and ourselves, we were Barbie. We were Barbie with her Blonde Handsome boyfriend Ken.

Or We were GI Joe, or we wererepparttar 123890 cowboys, hiding behindrepparttar 123891 bushes and furniture to ambush somebody.

And oh,repparttar 123892 Imaginary Friends we had along with us during our days. And then our stuffed animals.....I had one. His name was Rabbit. Rabbit was like a huge wonderful pink Bunny Rabbit. Rabbit went with me to College. My Suite mates one day, knowing my affection for Rabbit, took him and hung him fromrepparttar 123893 light fixture in my dorm room. Andrepparttar 123894 rest ofrepparttar 123895 story contains profanity and revenge, and lots of beer !

While we were in elementary school, we had plays and ball games, relay races and spelling bees. We wanted our parents and friends and grandparents to come looky see !! "Come ‘looky see' who I am being and what I can do!"

Then we went to high school and college and added athletics & Drama & Glee Clubs to our agenda of ‘come looky see'. Parents, Grandparents, Friends came, because we said.. "come

looky see at who I am being!"

Then we left school, and all of that playing cowboys and Barbie and Ken and GI Joe, and Rabbit......and all of our ‘come looky see' came to a screeching Halt !


Do you know what we were doing before we Halted ? We were displaying a frequency in our imagination. The Fiber Optic torepparttar 123896 Gods, and we just said NO????? We believed inrepparttar 123897 moment, what we were seeing in our minds eye. We were having fun and affection and tons of energy was being spewed all around us.

And we were running around and telling everyone, "come looky see what I can do !"

So what happened to all of that wonder, and Imagination. That stuff that if you're SMART, have figured out by now, that this is what shapes your life, your LIFE !

I play in my mind a lot. I am always having lunch with Madonna and Olivia Newton John. I have toys around my desk that I play with every day, that are somehow connected to my intentions and desires. I have an Aladdin's Lamp on my Desk and on my Key Chain.

Take Charge of Your Career - You Don't Have a Choice

Written by Richard Stooker

Take Charge of Your Career -- You Don't Have a Choice

by Richard Stooker

A few months ago a high school student sent me an AllExperts question which boiled down to:

Which computer career paysrepparttar most money and has repparttar 123889 most job security?

I was floored.

Job security?

Does this 16 year old kid write term papers on a typewriter? Call her friends on an AT&T Princess phone? Twirl a hula hoop? Listen to a transistor radio?

Makerepparttar 123890 most money?

Does anybody really give credence to those tables showing that in Boise IDrepparttar 123891 average programmer makes $1544 more thanrepparttar 123892 average networker?

Who cares? Do you want to be average? Is anybody average?

The truth is, although it'd be irresponsible of me to have advised her to study COBOL, she'll makerepparttar 123893 most money at whatever career she enjoys, given some reasonable demand inrepparttar 123894 marketplace.

The more she works at giving her employers her best,repparttar 123895 more money she'll make.

The more she uses her skills to solve more problems for more people -- and this can and should be some activity far beyond normal employment --repparttar 123896 more money she'll make.

Chances are, byrepparttar 123897 time she graduates from collegerepparttar 123898 highest paying computer skill will be something nobody has yet heard of.

Inrepparttar 123899 long run, she'll make as much money as she sets out to make. No more and no less.

Some computer programmers are now on welfare.

Bill Gates isrepparttar 123900 richest man inrepparttar 123901 world.

The more you *create your own job* -- whether you're formally an employee or not --repparttar 123902 more security you have.

In THE MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR, Thomas Stanley and William Danko comparerepparttar 123903 "security" of employment withrepparttar 123904 "insecurity" of self-employment.

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