Banners Do Bring Traffic!

Written by A. T. Rendon

Banner advertising remains one ofrepparttar most effective and cost efficient manners of gaining targeted responses to visit your web site.

To benefit from this form of online advertising you must have a web page. It would also be preferable, though not essential, ifrepparttar 101072 traffic to your web page is already established.

The reason is that banner exchange programs baserepparttar 101073 number of times they display your banner on others web pages based on how many times their banners are viewed on your web page.

And although a banner that belongs to someone else that is then displayed on your web site is like an exit for your visitor to leave,repparttar 101074 positives far outweigh any possible negatives.

Here are a few tips to improve your responses and increase your visibility via banners:

1. NEVER put a banner on your main entry page unless that banner is yours! When that banner is clicked it will take your visitor to another web page within your own site.

It takes a great deal of very hard work to build a steady flow of traffic to your web site. After doing all that hard work, does it not seem foolish to allow your visitor to leave immediately? Especially if it is to someone else's web page?

If you must have a banner on your entry page, make it your own banner that will take your visitor elsewhere within your own web site. Or make it to another web site but one that provides you with a commission.

2. Feel free to putrepparttar 101075 banners on several web pages as this will provide you with additional credits from your banner service exchange choice.

3. It is a good idea to put banners close torepparttar 101076 top ofrepparttar 101077 web page becauserepparttar 101078 banner will load faster and thus insure that you get credit for its display.

4. If you have access orrepparttar 101079 ability to write HTML code on your web site, then make certain to includerepparttar 101080 WIDTH="" HEIGHT="" BORDER="" numbers as this allows images to load much faster.

And while you are at it, includerepparttar 101081 ALT="" tag with a description of your banner that can then be viewed by those running with graphics turned off or by those, likerepparttar 101082 blind, that use text readers.

5. Do you have access torepparttar 101083 web page that comes up within your own domain that shows whenever someone typesrepparttar 101084 wrong URL or if one of your pages is down for updating?

You knowrepparttar 101085 page I mean,repparttar 101086 "Not Found 404" page that displays by default.

If you have access, place a banner or two on this page and increase your banner views immensely. The "Not Found 404" web page is often one ofrepparttar 101087 most viewed pages within a given domain.

6. Have a banner with "Animation". Studies prove that results do increase by 26% or more over static banners. Most ofrepparttar 101088 banner exchange programs will accept them so long as you keep withinrepparttar 101089 total size limitations that they specify.

7. Quick load time is a must. That is why most Banner Exchanges hold their banners to a 7k maximum. People don't want to wait forever just to see what your banner has to written on it.

A Perfect Online Ad!

Written by A.T.Rendon

Most people attempting to do business online not only send out a great deal of email, they also receive it.

In order for your email message to stand out fromrepparttar crowd, it must be different and unique. Otherwise, it will wind up getting deleted before it is read.

And, in order to berepparttar 101071 "Perfect Online Ad" it only needs two (2) "Key" elements:

1. A "Killer" Title.

2. An Email Link.

The Killer Title.

The Title must be short, no more than 6 to 8 words. Less in this case would be more.

The very best Title I have ever seen in an email message was just 3 short words long. It captured my attention and enticed me to click onrepparttar 101072 link to visit a web site.

Can you guess what those words might have been?

It was a question.

All it said was, "What is this?" And then it gave a url.

That wasrepparttar 101073 extent ofrepparttar 101074 message.

Your Title must be inrepparttar 101075 Subject area of your email message and I recommend that you make use of one or more action words to capture your readers imagination.

If you would like a FREE list of about 50 Action Words:

An Email Link.

The other "Key" element ofrepparttar 101076 "A Perfect Online Ad" is to include an email link in your message.

Yes, you could include a web site address, likerepparttar 101077 email message withrepparttar 101078 3 short words inrepparttar 101079 Title that got me to pay them a visit.

But, placing an email contact for those interested to click for further info will provide you with something a web site might not; a future way to contact your prospect.

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