Banner Ads: How To Quadruple Clickthroughs Using Proven Techniques!

Written by Grady Smith

It’s a fact…

Businesses right now are wasting thousands of dollars on ineffective advertising.

In fact, a large majority of business owners are satisfied when they place a banner ad and double their investment.

Are you in this category? Do you pull mediocre results from every banner ad you place? Want to start placing ads that pull 4, 10, even 20 timesrepparttar amount you invested? Of course you do!

Here’s how to create devastatingly powerful banner ads that get people clicking!

First, you need to walk a mile in your prospects shoes. What turns them on? What key words will stop them dead in their tracks?

Understanding who your ad is talking to isrepparttar 100991 first step. Your second step is understandingrepparttar 100992 dreams and desires of your products audience.

Ask yourself some questions:

Are they motivated by money?

Do they want to do something better?

What’srepparttar 100993 emotional reason your target prospect would be interested in your product?

For instance, a home business offer would go after prospects interested in money, right? But there are other underlying benefits that speak to your targeted audience too.

Maybe they want freedom from a time clock? Maybe they hate answering to a boss?

For instance, if you wanted to target a niche market of RV owners for your business opportunity, you might write a banner headline like “RVers! You Can Travel The Country, And Get Paid Very Well To Do It”!

21 Ways To Increase The Pulling Power of Your Ads

Written by Kris Mills

If you’re re-building an engine, doing your taxes or baking a cake, you follow a set process and everything happens in a certain order. It’srepparttar same with advertising.

Great copywriting is about knowing who your prospect is, what they need, what they REALLY want and how your product will give it to them ... specically, specifically, specifically.

Like any piece of written material your ad should have a title, a beginning, a middle and an end.

You have a split second to grab their attention and hold it. That's whatrepparttar 100990 headline is for - to arouse their curiousity, get their attention, lure them with exciting, very specific benefits and get them hooked enough to want to spend time reading your ad.

The next most important part of your copy isrepparttar 100991 opening. It needs to be as punchy and attention grabbing asrepparttar 100992 headline. It needs to be powerful enough to make your reader want to read on. The minute your copy becomes boring or braggish, your reader will switch off. The key is to make each paragraph exciting enough to make your reader want to read on torepparttar 100993 next paragraph.

Make each paragraph flow ontorepparttar 100994 next and identify more and more benefits that specifically relate to your prospect.

And finally,repparttar 100995 ending must have a climax and then a specific ending where you ask forrepparttar 100996 order.

Here are some specific tips that help you do that:

1. Know your objectives.

How many enquiries do you want? How many sales do you want? Can you sell directly offrepparttar 100997 page or do you need a 2 step approach?

2. Remember advertising is salesmanship in print and remember thatrepparttar 100998 more you tell,repparttar 100999 more you sell.

3. Always ensure your promotional efforts are measurable so you know exactly how much "bang" you're getting for your buck.

4. Remember, specifics sell. For instance, 49 is more believable than 50.

5. Use a headline that flags your reader down based on who they are or what their interests are

eg. "Doctors ... Here's a " or "Garden lovers ... "

6. Identify with their problem or need.

eg. "There's no doubt about it. Being in business is tough. Burningrepparttar 101000 midnight oil etc.etc.

7. Hint at a solution.

eg. "Now there's an easy way to ..."

8. Explain how you're going to solve their problem.

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