Bankruptcy - is it a good option

Written by Joe L.Golson

Today more people than ever are turning to personal "bankruptcy" as a way of solving their financial problems. Estimates indicate that 2005 will see nearly 1 in 60 Americans filing for bankruptcy. People owing as little as $6,000 are unknowingly filing, not knowing of alternative methods of eliminating their debt.

The reason people take this hasty action with such a low debt amount isrepparttar harassment and overwhelming pressure from impatient collectors trying to recover their money. Inrepparttar 141078 case of Consumer Credit Counseling agencies, once they find that they are unable or unwilling to help, they will suggest "bankruptcy" asrepparttar 141079 answer - unconcerned ofrepparttar 141080 effect it will have on your future.

In bankruptcy, a court order forces all commercial creditors to cease and desist from attempting to collectrepparttar 141081 debts you owe them. Depending onrepparttar 141082 bankruptcy declared (Chapter 7 or 13), it stops wage garnishment, reverses judgments, and generally wipes out debt.

For some people, bankruptcy isrepparttar 141083 only sensible option. If you have $60,000 in debts, and you'll never earn more than $1,200 per month, then you're broke! The sooner you eliminaterepparttar 141084 debt,repparttar 141085 sooner you'll have a fresh start. With more than 1.4 million bankruptcy filings in 2000, Congress is passing legislation that will make it tougher to declare bankruptcy.

In "bankruptcy", certain personal property is treated as exempt. The banks and creditors cannot touch that property in attempting to recoverrepparttar 141086 money owed to them. Your home, car and other personal effects like clothing, and other assets are considered exempt, but this varies from state to state. Any property that is not exempt is liquidated and distributed torepparttar 141087 creditors underrepparttar 141088 supervision ofrepparttar 141089 court. Since most people entering bankruptcy have only exempt property anyway, there's usually nothing left to distribute, sorepparttar 141090 creditors typically get nothing.

Seems like a good deal? Many people mistakenly see bankruptcy as a good, low cost way to rid themselves of debt. There are other costs associated with bankruptcy that make it a very bad solution for most people. The cost of filing bankruptcy itself is minimal. Depending on what state you live in, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 on up to $1,600 forrepparttar 141091 whole process. That's justrepparttar 141092 beginning. The bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years - and on your court records for 20 years. The seemingly "low cost" method will cost you dearly as it will follow you forrepparttar 141093 rest of your life. If you ever apply for a loan, job, apartment or insurance, one ofrepparttar 141094 first questions normally asked is "Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?" And, forrepparttar 141095 rest of your life, you'll have to answer "Yes."

What Is This Passion for Tanning?

Written by Rachel Stepsen

Tanned skin is very popular among gorgeous women. Everybody wants to have attractive bronzed looks. Whether you are on a date, a business trip or partying, a perfect tan can make yourepparttar center of attraction.

Having a tan is hot, and many teens and celebrities acrossrepparttar 141045 country seem to agree. Throughoutrepparttar 141046 20th century and indeed inrepparttar 141047 previous one, men and women hung out atrepparttar 141048 pool orrepparttar 141049 beach, soaking up rays to get a tan. However, withrepparttar 141050 advent of tanning beds you can enjoyrepparttar 141051 perfect tan right inrepparttar 141052 privacy of your home or saloon.

Tanning results from sunrays. The sun emits two types of radiations - UVA and UVB. UVB radiation burnsrepparttar 141053 upper layers of skin (the epidermis) causing sunburns. UVA radiation penetratesrepparttar 141054 lower layers (the dermis) and causes tanning. However, a sunbath exposes our body to unlimited and uncontrolled dose of ultraviolet radiations. Studies have proved that an overdose of these radiations can cause skin cancer.

Sunbathing is a natural process of tanning, but it takes a lot of time. The young generation is not fortunate enough to have enough free time for sunbathing as earlier generations had. Many of them may not have spare time duringrepparttar 141055 day at all.

Tanning beds and tanning lotions have emerged to help them. The tanning beds create a similar environment as underrepparttar 141056 sun. Unlike sunrays, however, a tanning bed controlsrepparttar 141057 amount and nature of rays. This ensures thatrepparttar 141058 harmful effects of radiation are controlled. This is a great advantage of tanning beds and you can enjoyrepparttar 141059 perfect tan without exposing your skin to harmful radiation.

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