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Atrepparttar Fifth Annual Santa Fe Screenwriting Conference on June 1-5 in Santa Fe, you can not only choose from over thirty 90-minute workshops, screenwriting competitions and pitch sessions, you can also relax atrepparttar 141100 Margarita Poolside Party featuring Hector Pimentel, guitarist, performing Classical and Flamenco. The annual Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival, running June 3-5 in Oklahoma City, looks to promote an awareness ofrepparttar 141101 diversity ofrepparttar 141102 many Native American cultures. MTV Movie Awards are set to tape June 4 at Shrine Auditorium and Expo Center in Los Angeles, and air June 9 with Jimmy Fallon hosting. Novelist Thom Racina and writer/producer Tracy Torme will speak on makingrepparttar 141103 transition from writing for film and TV to writing novels, andrepparttar 141104 importance of mastering more than one medium, and tips for becoming a producer, respectively atrepparttar 141105 monthly meeting of Alameda Writers Group, June 4 in Glendale.

The 59th Annual Tony Awards will be presented at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on June 5. Songwriter in Residence atrepparttar 141106 Rockwood is a new program presented by BMI andrepparttar 141107 Rockwood venue in which an emerging BMI singer/songwriter will perform atrepparttar 141108 venue every Monday for a month beginning June 6 in New York City. On June 7 in Washington, filmmaker, Stephen Simon, shares a new approach to funding and distributing films and speaks on howrepparttar 141109 next century of entertainment will not be centered in Hollywood in a program given at AFI Theatre and Cultural Center. Companies involved in digital distribution of media including content creation, software, hardware, technology, business, and strategic planning, can take part in iHollywood Forum's Digital Media Summit for two days, June 7 & 8 in Universal City. Wrangler Fan Fair; Acoustic Corner; Bush's Baked Beans Family Zone are some featured activities forrepparttar 141110 CMA Music Festival in Nashville from June 9-12. There's also after hours with late night music at downtown clubs.

Vibe Musicfest is a celebration of Black Music Month with two days of music, games, cars, artist showcases, industry seminars, and fashion shows; 2 nights of live concerts, featuring: Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, Big Boi, Doug E. Fresh, Faith Evans, John Legend, Keyshia Cole, Ludacris, and T.I. Friday, June 10-12 in Atlanta. Listening to international broadcasters outline their priorities, share their "must-buy" list, and answer questions, shapesrepparttar 141111 program offering at this year's Banff World Television Festival and Conference starting June 12-15 inrepparttar 141112 Canadian Rockies. Forrepparttar 141113 Houston Film Commission's Texas Filmmaker's Showcase, which will be given inrepparttar 141114 DGA Theatre in Los Angeles on June 13, Texas short films and videos under 45 minutes in length are presented to a select group of studio executives, agents and producers inrepparttar 141115 Hollywood film community. An Opening night twilight reception kicks offrepparttar 141116 Maui Film Festival, billed as "Hawaii's answer to Sundance", running June 16-19 in Wailea, Maui. A Night atrepparttar 141117 Laugh Factory, Poolside Chats, Robert Towne's L.A. and other events round outrepparttar 141118 offerings for this year's Los Angeles Film Festival, running June 16-26. The Radio and Records Convention attracts radio and recording-industry executives and comprises keynote presentations, panel sessions, artist showcases and other special events, when it opens June 23 in Cleveland.

Communication Keys for Success

Written by Jeffrey W. Drake, Ph.D.

Improving communication is a major need for many organizations.

Whether you are a manager, supervisor, or frontline employee, there are always opportunities to improve communication. Often, communication problems occur when people donít pay attention torepparttar basics. Here are five keys to better communication.

Focus onrepparttar 141056 Situation or Behavior When communicating, focus onrepparttar 141057 situation orrepparttar 141058 behavior occurring, notrepparttar 141059 person. This allows you to better communicate withrepparttar 141060 other person, rather than to seemingly pick on them. People tend to be more open to discussingrepparttar 141061 situation they are in or their behavior. When it gets personal, there is less willingness to change.

Focus onrepparttar 141062 Positive Focus onrepparttar 141063 positive aspects ofrepparttar 141064 other person to buildrepparttar 141065 other personís self-esteem. By looking at something positive aboutrepparttar 141066 other person, you can better deal with areas needed for improvement.

Look for "Win-Win" Opportunities Look for opportunities where both you andrepparttar 141067 other person benefit -- "win-win" situations where both of you can develop. In todayís rapidly changing world, managers, supervisors, and frontline employees can always learn from each other.

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