Bandwidth Explained

Written by Breal Web Design

Bandwidth Explained by Breal Web Design

What is Bandwidth and Data Transfer?

Simply put, bandwidth and data transfer are synonomous, referring torepparttar amount of data sent to and from visitors and your website. It is calculated byrepparttar 134409 size of your web page and includes all scripting and images on a page. For example, if you have a page totalling 20KB in file size, then when a visitor loads that page on their browser, they are receiving 20KB of data.

This means to calculate bandwidth, you need to consider a)repparttar 134410 size of your pages (or website) b)repparttar 134411 number of visitors to your website c)repparttar 134412 kind of files you offer your visitors.

Most personal websites have only a small amount of data transfer, as their websites are small in file size and they do not have a lot of visitors. Business and professional sites are larger with more visitors and therefore use more data transfer. Breal's entire site is under 2 MB in file size. Some sites may be significantly larger, especially if they offer many graphics, audio, video or download files.

Virtual Hospitality - The Quest For Free, High-Quality, Webhosting

Written by Philip Naudus

Launching a website isrepparttar crucial step that will transfer your site from residing on one computer to

being spread acrossrepparttar 134408 web to appear upon thousands of monitors throughoutrepparttar 134409 globe. However, many

shrink fromrepparttar 134410 very thought of web hosting, looking upon it as an expensive, time-consuming process.

Although this is true with many web hosting providers, you can obtain ad-free, high-quality web hosting...

at absolutely no cost to you.

Inrepparttar 134411 process of writing article, I launched over twenty websites with various free web hosting

providers. I discovered that there are literally hundreds of companies that provide free web hosting. To

my disappointment, most have poor service.

Nearly every provider placed annoying advertisements on each of my pages, promoting cigarettes and other

products that my visitors would think that I endorse. Even whenrepparttar 134412 advertisements were for decent

products, their flashy animations detracted greatly fromrepparttar 134413 content of my site. (Hint: With Internet

Explorer, if you visit a site with distracting animations, pressrepparttar 134414 "escape" key. This will usually stop


Another disadvantage of most free web hosting services is thatrepparttar 134415 providers often sell their clients'

email addresses to SPAM companies. Ever since I began registering for free web hosting,repparttar 134416 amount of SPAM

I receive has tremendously increased. One hosting company offered to sell me a Master's Degree - for a

"low fee" I could get a M.A. in only five days - no studying, classes, or even a highschool diploma is

required. Another email "invited" me to a birthday party forrepparttar 134417 CEO's son, with party favors including a

free 30-day trial for their web hosting service.

Utilize Your Resources

If you use either AOL or AT&T for your Internet service, you have free access to high-quality, ad-free web

space. You don't have to pay an extra fee or go throughrepparttar 134418 hassle of registering for free web space

because it's already included in your service plan.

For AOL users, enter AOL keyword: FTP. AOL provides five megabytes per username, totaling 25 megabytes.

Your web address will be

For AT&T users, visit AT&T gives you two addresses

at which your site can be reached: and

The Competition...

I ranked 20+ free web hosting companies from tremendous to terrible. Using a point-based system, I added a

point to their score for every positive service they provided, and each negative service they provided

(such as displaying ads on your site) deducted a point from their score. (Maximum possible points a

company could earn was 20 points) After all this was done, two companies stood atrepparttar 134419 top of this list -

whose peerless scores far surpassedrepparttar 134420 scores of any other company! Earning 18 and 14 points

respectively, these two companies far surpassed even major companies like YAHOO! (earning 4 pts), Lycos (6

pts), and even Microsoft (5 pts)!

#1: FreeWebs

FreeWebs resulted withrepparttar 134421 highest score, claimingrepparttar 134422 prize forrepparttar 134423 ultimate web host. With 100 megabytes

of ad-free space, FreeWebs surpasses many paid services! FreeWebs also providesrepparttar 134424 following free


- Website builder (If you haven't already created your own website) - Hit counter - Chat rooms - Forums - Guest books - And much, much more!

Please note that FreeWebs gives you code to cut-and-paste into your website. If you don't know HTML,

simply copyrepparttar 134425 code to your Clipboard, then open up your webpage with Selida (We discussed this inrepparttar 134426

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