Ban the Banners

Written by Michael T. Smith

New webmasters often holdrepparttar mistaken belief, thatrepparttar 101140 more banner ads they have on their site,repparttar 101141 more money they will make. They blanket their sites with them, hoping, thatrepparttar 101142 more banners people see,repparttar 101143 betterrepparttar 101144 chance, that someone will actually click on them.

What they don't understand, however, is that they are actually driving traffic away, by making their sites unattractive and slow. The banner ads that were supposed generate income drive away potential customers.

Do you like banner ads? Now, ask yourselfrepparttar 101145 question: "Why do you think, that others would feel different than you do?"

While large ads may be successful in magazines, newspapers and telephone books, what person would wants them to consume his or her bandwidth onrepparttar 101146 web? Isn'trepparttar 101147 Internet already slow enough?

Why do you think that one ofrepparttar 101148 most popular sections on our website isrepparttar 101149 one that covers programs to eliminate banners and pop-up windows? Many people are sick of obnoxious, in-you-face advertising. They are fed up withrepparttar 101150 useless clutter of ads filling most websites.

No long ago, we removed allrepparttar 101151 banner ads at our site, leaving only text links. The results were that we saw dramatic increase in both traffic and revenue. Removingrepparttar 101152 banners increased both our popularity and our profits. Amazingly enough, not one person wrote back to us and complained aboutrepparttar 101153 banners being removed.

Now you may be asking yourself, "Why do advertisers use banner ads, if they are so unpopular withrepparttar 101154 public?"

The answer is simple: Name Recognition!

The truth ofrepparttar 101155 matter is advertisers don't really care if people buy from your site as long as at some point in time, people rememberrepparttar 101156 product or service and buy it.

Think about it. You annoy your visitors with dozens of ads about some dot-com, causing them to flee your site. Later on,repparttar 101157 same visitors remember those ads and go torepparttar 101158 site directly. The company makes a sale, and they don't even have to payrepparttar 101159 person, who advertised it.

Secret Money Making Strategy - Learn How to Write Powerful Advertising Copy

Written by Michael J. McGroarty

As simple as this sounds, 99% of allrepparttar business owners inrepparttar 101139 country just plain don't know how to design and write good advertisements. And that includes most ofrepparttar 101140 biggest companies in business. If you have any intentions of operating a business of any kind, learning how to write advertising copy isrepparttar 101141 most important thing you must do. It quite literally will make or break your business. It isrepparttar 101142 difference between just barely hanging on, and profiting wildly. I don't how to tell you how important this really is. Looking back over everything that I have learned about making money, without a doubt,repparttar 101143 one thing that has brought merepparttar 101144 greatest amount of success, is knowing how to write powerful advertising copy. It really is, by far,repparttar 101145 greatest money making skill I possess. I will gladly teach you what I know about writing advertising copy. We'll get to that a little later in this manual. For instance, just recently I ran a small advertisement in our local newspaper. It's not a big paper, only about 60,000 readers. The ad was 2 columns by 3" inches. At $38.25 per column inchrepparttar 101146 ad cost me $229.50 to run it just one time. It brought in over $4,000.00. That's 17 times cost! I challenge you to clip any ad out of your local paper, contactrepparttar 101147 merchant that ranrepparttar 101148 ad, ask him or her how much it cost to runrepparttar 101149 ad, and then ask them if it brought in 17 times that amount. If you can find a merchant that reports their ad is pulling at even 5 times cost I'd love to seerepparttar 101150 ad, becauserepparttar 101151 truth is most advertisers are happy if their ad breaks even. They figure that as long as they recover what they invest in runningrepparttar 101152 ad,repparttar 101153 exposure they get makes it worth while.

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