Bad and ill-informed Press Scares the Purchasing Public

Written by Dave Wisson

Ever sincerepparttar Internet became a tool that enabled companies to market services and or goods, there has been a stigma against purchasing any product overrepparttar 119104 Internet. This is due to press reports ofrepparttar 119105 many "Scams". Now thatrepparttar 119106 ebook is coming torepparttar 119107 fore, many authors are placing their faith in a growing number of Internet publishers. Publishers such as Global Publishing Bureau Limited (, Hollow Hills Publishing and not to forget Amazon. Companies such as these are takingrepparttar 119108 lead in promotingrepparttar 119109 work of new and existing authors from all overrepparttar 119110 world. The misinformation attached torepparttar 119111 transmission of credit card details overrepparttar 119112 Internet needs to be dispelled, this is sorepparttar 119113 growing market in ePublishing can be developed alongside and in conjunction withrepparttar 119114 conventional publisher.

Professional and well regulated Internet publishing companies, as well asrepparttar 119115 merchant banks they employ make every effort to ensure thatrepparttar 119116 credit card details and information sent to them is well protected.

The purchasing public and Internet users should be made aware that transactions made overrepparttar 119117 Internet are only secure whenrepparttar 119118 transaction is made through a secure web page. The purchaser can check, before entering their details in to any computer attached torepparttar 119119 Internet by looking for a little coloured padlock onrepparttar 119120 bottom right ofrepparttar 119121 credit card payment page. The padlock indicates thatrepparttar 119122 transaction is being processed through a secure server. Encryption and many other types of data protection achieverepparttar 119123 required safeguards that will insure your information is protected.

Authors, who market their books through Internet Publishers, generally receive considerably higher royalty rates than authors who market their books through publishers that publish and distribute books via conventional means. Unfortunately, at present,repparttar 119124 large market that is available torepparttar 119125 author throughrepparttar 119126 Internet cannot be realised; this is due torepparttar 119127 fears and miss information thatrepparttar 119128 tabloid press portrays aboutrepparttar 119129 Net.


Written by Maryan Bridge

Networking is a powerful tool.

Just to be clear, we are NOT talking about running miles of cable from one computer torepparttar next and we are NOT talking about recruiting people for a business opportunity. What we ARE talking about is recognizing, developing and profiting from your NETWORK of contacts, no matter what business you are in.

We all know more people than we think we do. Surveys have shown that, byrepparttar 119103 time we graduate college, most of us know about 250 other people. The Internet has changed all of that.

That number goes way up when you think of people you know viarepparttar 119104 Internet. Let's look at five ways to develop your network of contacts, online and offline, to help skyrocket your business, no matter what that business is. Make a list ofrepparttar 119105 people you know and let's get ready to go!


The first step is to let your group of contacts know what you are doing. Honesty isrepparttar 119106 key here. HELP them seerepparttar 119107 next level of relationship where you can be of help to each other in a business setting. If they are going to open their contacts to you, and you to them, you must both be comfortable.

And don't push it. If they hesitate, back off.


Ask them how you can help them. Many times in life and business we get by giving. HONESTLY offering your help to them without asking anything in return will setrepparttar 119108 stage for a mutually beneficial relationship. Honesty isrepparttar 119109 key. If you have less than noble motives, stay away.

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