Bad Web Design: Mistakes With Text

Written by Richard Lowe

Even in today's world of Flash animation, animated GIFs, sound files, VRML and other dazzling special effects,repparttar basic reason why people surfrepparttar 134627 web is to read. Yes,repparttar 134628 pictures are great, and yesrepparttar 134629 animations are wonderful, but what people really care about is what you've got to say.

That being said, it's so very important that you don't destroy your message by presenting your text in ways that discourage people from reading.

One ofrepparttar 134630 most classic mistakes is to make your text very small. After all, you've got a lot to say and you want it to fit on one screen, right? So why not make it as small as you can?

There are times when you want to makerepparttar 134631 text small. A link atrepparttar 134632 bottom of your page to your privacy notice is a good example. If someone wants to see this they will find it. Otherwise, it's just something that you have to put there.

Another mistake is to TYPE IN ALL UPPER CASE. This, fortunately, is generally restricted torepparttar 134633 newest ofrepparttar 134634 newbies. People soon learn that all caps does not mean "give me your attention" onrepparttar 134635 web - it means shout in your face. It's also a good way to get people to hitrepparttar 134636 back key.

Onrepparttar 134637 other hand, a very common problem is to make your text a similar color to your background. If I run into a page with everything like this I hitrepparttar 134638 back button fast.

Web Site Design: How To Get Around

Written by Richard Lowe

Our web site (Internet Tips and Secrets - http://www.internet- ) runs an awards program which gets as many as fifty submissions a week. That means we visit each of those fifty sites each and every week to determine if they measure up torepparttar criteria forrepparttar 134626 awards. Do you know that at least half of those sites make our job as award masters very easy because their navigation is so poor we cannot easily determine how to get from page to page?

Nothing will chase away visitors as effectively as poor navigation. If you don't have a clear, easy-to-understand and easy-to-find navigation system, you practically guarantee that your visitors will never leaverepparttar 134627 home page of your site.

You should begin planning your navigation system early inrepparttar 134628 design phase of your site. It is critically important to have defined how your visitors get around before you write a single line of code. Why? Because ofrepparttar 134629 static nature of HTML, it become extremely difficult to change after your site gets fairly significant. It is even difficult to change if you use fancy JavaScript, Java or server-side systems.

What should a good navigation system address?

Navigation must be visible - Your visitors must be able to find your menu or other system immediately upon glancing at your site. This is one ofrepparttar 134630 most critical rules of all. Your visitors will not spend much time looking around to figure out how to get deeper into your site. The web is too big - they will simply surf elsewhere.

Your navigation must be consistent - You must presentrepparttar 134631 same exact navigation scheme on every single page of your web site. This will serve to pull your visitors in deeper and deeper ... once they get used to your scheme they will use it without thinking. If you keep changing it from page to page, you just give people one more reason to leave your site.

Navigation must work without graphics - Many people surfrepparttar 134632 web without graphics enabled. Why? Because when you are on a dialup, it's faster by far. I used to do this before I had DSL - I turned off graphics until I foundrepparttar 134633 page I wanted, then I turnedrepparttar 134634 graphics on. This implies that if your navigation scheme is entirely graphics oriented, then you will lose a small percentage of your audience. Many people include a second navigation scheme atrepparttar 134635 bottom of each page of their web site. This has become a de-facto standard, and just about anyone who surfs with graphics off knows to look down torepparttar 134636 last few lines of a page to findrepparttar 134637 menus.

Don't use frames - I know it is tempting, since making a menu system seems to berepparttar 134638 perfect application for frames. I would advise avoiding this temptation. Frames are becoming more and more frowned upon by surfers and webmasters alike. Why? Search engines don't tend to like them very much and it confuses surfers sincerepparttar 134639 URL isrepparttar 134640 URL ofrepparttar 134641 frame page and notrepparttar 134642 page which they are looking at.

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