Bad Web Design: Graphics Problems

Written by Richard Lowe

I know you like to put graphics on your page. There is little better than a site which has been done by a professional graphics designer. The perfect balance between graphics, color, fonts, photos and layout is rare and a wonder to behold.

Onrepparttar other hand, a site with bad graphics or some obvious blunders can be agonizing and even painful to look at. Here are some ofrepparttar 134665 more common errors.

Large Graphics

Large graphics have their place onrepparttar 134666 web. Some sites give away massive numbers of wallpaper images, which by definition are very large. In fact, I know of a site which offers over a thousand Tomb Raider wallpapers that is very good.

What you want to avoid is using large graphics on your main pages. Instead, you can use a technique such as showing thumbnail images or links torepparttar 134667 larger graphics. Thus, those people who wantrepparttar 134668 large graphics can get them, while those who do not are not forced to wait for them to load. The Tomb Raider site solved this problem by including 100 very small (32 x 32 pixel) thumbnails on a page. Clicking on an image displaysrepparttar 134669 larger wall wallpaper.

Improperly Optimized Graphics

All ofrepparttar 134670 common graphics formats (GIF, PNG and JPG) allow for compression of various kinds. One common error is to not take advantage of this compression. For example, you can cut downrepparttar 134671 number of colors in a GIF image, which makes it smaller. Or you can increaserepparttar 134672 loss percentage in a JPG, substantially reducing it's size.

Bad Web Design: Looong Pages

Written by Richard Lowe

One ofrepparttar sins committed by many inexperienced webmasters isrepparttar 134664 creation of very long pages. I've seen this most often on sites created at universities, although it can happen anywhere.

It's very annoying to run into these amateur sites (although sometimes they look very professional). On one occasion I found a site with a 15 megabyte page! No graphics at all either - just one long, long, long page. I remember surfing torepparttar 134665 site (it was a list of jokes) and I just waited and waited. I could see from my internet throughput meter that massive amounts of data was being received so I waited ... but it was ridiculous! I'm very glad that I have a 1.7mb connection - otherwise I would hitrepparttar 134666 top button long before this page was done loading.

Another place that I've seen this is when someone simply posts some large text files torepparttar 134667 internet. They don't even bother to convertrepparttar 134668 file to HTML - just link torepparttar 134669 text file directly. While this is a fast way to get something ontorepparttar 134670 web, it is a sign of a true internet amateur.

Okay, here'srepparttar 134671 problems with this practice.

- The majority of people onrepparttar 134672 internet use normal 28.8 or slower modem connections. If you have a page which requires over a minute to download on this kind of connection you've almost guaranteed that your visitors will go somewhere else.

- Search engine spiders do not like long documents. Many of them will stop after 100kb or so - it's anyone's guess ifrepparttar 134673 spider actually looks at a page that is a megabyte in length.

- Many usability studies have proven over and over that it is very uncommon for visitors to scroll downrepparttar 134674 screen much (and often not at all). They will scroll if they read something of interest, but they will not scroll very far. Most people tend to prefer clicking on links to scrolling downrepparttar 134675 page.

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