Bad SEO and Google Penal

Written by Jason J. Green

The Big 3 of Bad SEO:

Mirror Sites and Duplicate Content - Google has a particular aversion towards spammed web site content and Google penalties for mirror sites reflect this.

Hidden Text and Keyword Stuffing - A common technique for attempting to inflate search engine ranking is to hide multiple blocks of descriptive text and/or keywords within a web pageís HTML source code (Keyword Stuffing).

10 ways to ensure your site does not get indexed on search engines.

Written by Todd Jamieson

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Search Engines have come a long way sincerepparttar web's beginnings. Back inrepparttar 127875 old days it seemed like anything you typed in would ultimately show at least one or more pornographic web site. Well, luckily those days have passed us and getting indexed on search engines has become a necessity of doing business onrepparttar 127876 Internet. In my experience with personally working on over 250 business web sites inrepparttar 127877 last six years (an having them all indexed), I have accumulated a substantial list of techniques that work and donít work. There are literally hundreds of things that will have a negative effect on your ranking. Below is a list of my top ten.

1. Have no html text on your home page.

Because search engine robots are still not able to read images (jpegs, gifs etc), you will be guaranteed to not get indexed - because there is nothing to index.

2. Have a 100% Flash driven web site.

Some search engines are now able to index certain parts of flash, but as a general rule of thumb flash sites do not get indexed.

3. Dump a bunch of keywords on your home page and changerepparttar 127878 colour so they are visible torepparttar 127879 eye.

While there is no published standard, most online professionals agree that trickingrepparttar 127880 search engines by adding a large number of keywords on your home page is bound to get you black-listed on search engines.

4. Create an automatic redirect that sends someone to another web site (from your home page)

If you code your web site so that when someone visits it, it will go to another page instantly - most search engines will ban you.

5. Rely solely on your Keyword and Description meta-tags.

Most search engines DO NOT use keywords or description text as a way to index sites. Some userepparttar 127881 description tag forrepparttar 127882 results list. But in generalrepparttar 127883 major search engines ignore these all together when looking to index your site.

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