Bad Attitude

Written by Bob Osgoodby

It never ceases to amaze me that some people trying to do business onrepparttar Internet exhibit a bad attitude. It can take many forms. I recently sent out an email request to someone, andrepparttar 119115 answer I received, was to sayrepparttar 119116 least, brusque. Needless to say, I removed his email addresses from my files, and he won't hear from me inrepparttar 119117 future.

Now what isrepparttar 119118 point here? I don't know what his problem was, but he obviously had one. Mayberepparttar 119119 dog just made a mess onrepparttar 119120 carpet, or he had an argument with someone - who knows. But he was obviously in a bad frame of mind when he wrote me. We all receive something that raises our "hackles" every now and then. The best thing is to either ignore it, or wait until you are in a better frame of mind before responding.

When you write to someone you must remember thatrepparttar 119121 only way they can determine your intention isrepparttar 119122 words you use. If you give someone "short shrift" they will simply write you off, and you'll never hear from them again. If you are doing business onrepparttar 119123 web,repparttar 119124 last thing you want is to send out an email with negative vibes.

Worse yet, some people simply ignore your request and never respond. Why spend your time and effort trying to promote something, and when you do get a response, ignore it? This makes no sense. One ofrepparttar 119125 things that people like, and have grown to expect, isrepparttar 119126 rapid communication possible onrepparttar 119127 net. If you don't get back in a timely manner, people will getrepparttar 119128 impression that you are not responsive. This can berepparttar 119129 "kiss of death" torepparttar 119130 online entrepreneur.

Sometimes a request for information is sent after you have closed down forrepparttar 119131 day. So what is a timely manner? That's hard to define, but let's examine a few strategies.

Free auto-responders are a way of giving someone an immediate response. But people are "savvy" enough to recognize whererepparttar 119132 response came from, and put little faith in that type of answer. All it is really letting them know is that their email was received. Sure, it will give them some information, but you still haverepparttar 119133 need to give them a timely personal response.

Doom and Gloom

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Many ofrepparttar "sure thing" programs that were hot last year, aren't to be found today; you knowrepparttar 119114 ones I'm talking about. Did anyone takerepparttar 119115 time to sift throughrepparttar 119116 misinformation, analyses, and charts showing how with no work you could berepparttar 119117 next jillionaire. Naw - with misplaced faith, and believingrepparttar 119118 soothsayers, they just plunked down their $49.50. Guess who wererepparttar 119119 only ones to make money here.

Inrepparttar 119120 meantime, internet stocks, which had ridden a wave of investor enthusiasm got slammed. Many ofrepparttar 119121 industry giants have fallen fromrepparttar 119122 proverbial "Beanstalk", and today are amongrepparttar 119123 missing.

Predictions of a declining economy have some in a panic. Becauserepparttar 119124 holiday season retail sales virtually "flat lined" many are calling itrepparttar 119125 start of a recession. Is thisrepparttar 119126 case, or is it that we are just getting smarter? I wonder how many gave that great old gift called "Cash", instead of an overpriced present that could be gotten at half price afterrepparttar 119127 holiday "feeding frenzy" ended.

Are we facing an era of "doom and gloom"? I don't think so. Haverepparttar 119128 stock markets taken a hit - Yes, but is this a portent of bad times? I doubt it. The stock market goes up andrepparttar 119129 stock market goes down. The guy who does two eTrades a week will probably lose his shirt. Those who buy now, and hang in forrepparttar 119130 long pull might just make a killing.

We are warned byrepparttar 119131 old proverb that, "A fool and his money are soon parted", and "There is no such thing as a free lunch", seems to berepparttar 119132 current buzz. But did you heed this sage advice? It sure seems that some didn't.

But what does all this mean to us? Is it time to pull in our horns and lay low onrepparttar 119133 Internet? Not me - I view this as a great opportunity. More and more,repparttar 119134 opportunities abound. Now isrepparttar 119135 time to get involved with a straight-forward, no hype type of a business.

Don't expect to join a minimal investment affiliate program that will peak out in 90 days to be your salvation. And most people should simply "walk on by" that hot new MLM program ofrepparttar 119136 week. So where do you turn?

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