Backup and Save your business!

Written by Fred Farah

There you are busily typing away on your PC or your Laptop, and all of a suddenrepparttar strangest thing happens. The screen goes black, extinquished like a candle inrepparttar 135668 wind.

A message appears saying: "The file hal.dll is missing or corrupt. Windows can not start." Well you know that 95% of computer glitches are solved by a simple reboot, so click…oops, can't click, no Windows. Ok then, you reset, and you think you are sure to be OK whenrepparttar 135669 reboot completes.

Wrong! The same error message appears "The file hal.dll is missing or corrupt. Windows can not start." How is it possible for one measly file to kill your system?

DISASTER…What to do now? Phone your tech friend and ask his advice. He tells yourepparttar 135670 bad news. You are obliged to re-install Windows fromrepparttar 135671 original disc! Oh My God! Will I lose all my programs and data? Yes, you will have to re- install all your programs. No your data may be safe, but only if you don't have to reformat your hard disc.

But, your friend asks, I hope you have all your backups.

DO YOU, because that isrepparttar 135672 key to saving your business. You know that in today's business world, 95% of your business information is stored on your computer. This applies not only to online businesses, but also to offline ones. In this paperless society of ours, business people are printing less and less of all their transactions.

Think hard. Whererepparttar 135673 heck did I hide my original Windows disc? Really, are you organized enough that you can easily find your original installation discs, along withrepparttar 135674 code numbers they need to re-install.

You own some programs you downloaded offrepparttar 135675 Net, but they are stored on your hard drive. Are they backed up? When isrepparttar 135676 last time you backed up your data,repparttar 135677 lifeblood of your business.

What backup system do you use? Do you userepparttar 135678 old- fashioned tape systems, or do you backup to CD or DVD? Whichever one you use,repparttar 135679 key is that your backups must be frequent enough to keep you out of major trouble.

Program backups do not have to be constantly repeated like Data does. Programs do not change, unless you downloaded an update. Then your update must be saved on your hard drive, and also backed up.

Data includes so many different things that it's easy to forget to back up some items. 'My Documents' contains much ofrepparttar 135680 data, but not nearly all. Do you know where your Favorite links are stored? Where is your email that you saved? Along with your email address book, Microsoft hides these files quite well.

Keywords, How to Find Good Ones, and Use them Effectively

Written by Fred Farah

To be a successful affiliate marketer takes a ton of work. You probably know this by now. Really! I hear some of you say. You thought it was a piece of cake, mostly because you don't have to worry about having your own product.

Ok, so no product costs, no shipping costs, no payment processor costs, and so on. So what is so hard about being a successful affiliate.

Glad you asked! Your first step should be to make a marketing plan, or as I call it, a 'decision plan'. How many of us really make a complete marketing plan. (Not me!) I know we sh ould, but mine never completed. This is where you decide what niche, or specialtiy you want to 'major' in.

Why don't I just be in 'affiliate marketing'? you ask. Wow, talk about shooting yourself inrepparttar foot before you get offrepparttar 135667 ground. It's TOO competitive, don't you know! Also too general, maybe too vague, all overrepparttar 135668 map so to speak.

So how come it's good enough for Best Affiliate Products but too much for you? Firstly, I must mention that I do have other niche markets, and some in bothrepparttar 135669 planning and preparation stages. I do heed my own advise. Secondly, someone has to protect you and lead you downrepparttar 135670 best path to success. I don't want you to experience allrepparttar 135671 pain I went through.

This is why it's important to associate Affiliate Marketing with Niche Markets. By focusing on one topic, you magnify your chance of success many times over. Doesn't matter ifrepparttar 135672 niche is small or large, but you must align your thinking in this direction.

The niche can be huge, such as Auctions or EBay, and you will find a good market there. The EBay sales may be huge, butrepparttar 135673 competion for affiliate products is not excessive at all.

Take another huge Niche (specialty) such as Health. Now this competition is ferocious. Personally, I would not touch it, even though a lot of people do well with it. Why fight an uphill battle just to get started, when you can surely find ot her prospective niches.

The solution is to find smaller niches of "in demand" products. Here we go again, you say. More speeches on what to do, but HOW do we do this? And how do we do this successfully, when everyone else is also looking forrepparttar 135674 answer.

An awful lot of people feel just like you, and as a result, they never find niches, because they never look for them. There goes much of your potential competition. Good for us, OK.

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