Backup Your Site

Written by Richard Lowe

Imaginerepparttar following nightmare: you've worked hard on your site for months, tweaking it until it looks perfect. You've got great content, excellent graphics and a wonderful design. Thousands of visitors are pouring in every day, and you are getting dozens of guestbook entries all telling you how wonderful you've done and hundreds of emails praising your good work.

One day you go to access your site and you get an error. Your site does not respond. You feel a little annoyed and try again a few minutes later ... your browser still times out. This goes on for hours and then for a full day. You feel panic rising in your gorge and your chest tightens up. You haven't slept and your wife is getting worried.

You've tried over and over to call your host's support number and it does not pick up. Their website doesn't show any problems ... it's a weekend so they are all at home watchingrepparttar 131992 game.

Monday comes and you finally get an automated response to one of your panicky emails. Your host

- has had a hard disk crash and didn't have a backup ...

- or they didn't have any money and closed their doors ...

- or a hacker attacked their site and wiped out all ofrepparttar 131993 files

- or your made a mistake with FTP and accidentally deleted all your work

- orrepparttar 131994 host got hit byrepparttar 131995 dreaded xyz virus ...

- or "fill inrepparttar 131996 blank"

Awards Programs: Submitting Your Site For Awards

Written by Richard Lowe

All right, you've got a nice site. You've worked long and hard to make it as good as you can. Now you want to get a little recognition for your efforts. You want someone to take a look at what you've accomplished and tell you if you've done a good job.

You can submit your site to awards programs to have it reviewed by other webmasters. There are literally thousands (and probably tens of thousands) of awards available all overrepparttar internet. Some are easy to win - all you have to do is send in your site and you getrepparttar 131990 award. These are about as fulfilling as white bread.

Some awards programs are exceptionally difficult to win. You have to have a perfect (literally) site to even get close to winning. These are exceptionally frustrating as most of us are not perfect at everything. However, winning one (even a "bronze") can make you feel like you are on top ofrepparttar 131991 world.

Most awards programs are run by webmasters who honestly want to examine other sites and reward their creators in some small way for their efforts. These awardmasters generally will not spend a long time looking at your site (although you will find some who spend hours examining each entry), but they will look at least for a few minutes.

How do you submit your site to awards programs? Well, first you have to find sites which give out awards. The absolute best place to look is - there is no better list of awards programs. My advice is to go there and submit your site to as many programs as you see fit.

Okay, so you've found an award that you want to get. Perhaps it has a nice graphic image (always looks good to have some interesting award images on a web site) or perhaps it just appeals to you for some other reason. Now what?

Look overrepparttar 131992 site. Why? After all,repparttar 131993 only thing you want to do is submit your site and move on, right? Well, there is an implicit exchange involved in awards programs. You see,repparttar 131994 awardmaster is typically going to spend some time examining your site to see if it measures up torepparttar 131995 criteria. In other words, he is going to look over your site. The least you can do is spend a few minutes checking out what he's done.

Once you've spent a few minutes or longer onrepparttar 131996 site, it's a nice touch to signrepparttar 131997 guestbook. Now, no awards programs which is worth anything requires that a guestbook be signed as part ofrepparttar 131998 criteria, and don't expect it to help you win, but it's a nice touch as it finishes your exchange. You are asking someone to do some work for you so you can win, so why not make him or her feel good while you are asking?

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