Backup - How to Avoid a Disaster

Written by Emil Malmberg

Creating backups of important files on a regular basis is probably one ofrepparttar easiest and cheapest ways to protect hours of work and personal files from all sorts of technical disasters. Still, billions of dollars are lost every year because of technical problems and loss of data. WinBackup is a new backup solution from LI Utilities that makes it easier for home users and small companies to create secure and well-organized data backups.

Organizing Backups by Priority When running backups on a daily basis it is very important thatrepparttar 107848 backup process does not interfere withrepparttar 107849 normal tasks performed on your computer. Running a large harddrive backup of all files on your pc can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour depending on how fast your computer is andrepparttar 107850 number of files that need to be copied. Since a backup operation will slow down your system considerably while in progress it is often necessary to split your backups into several backup jobs. By running more important jobs more often and by backing up static files less often you can easily reduce interference caused by backup operations by 90% or more. Not only will splitting and prioritising backups make your system run much smoother, but you will also be able to update important backups of emails and other data much more often.

Scheduling Backups In order to keep you pc backups up to date you will probably want to schedule backups to run automatically. WinBackup uses a built-in scheduler that makes this task very easy. Since WinBackup also supports any number of Backup Jobs with separate scheduling settings you can make more important jobs, like emails, run more often while large, infrequently updated, files are backed up only every other week or so. Using WinBackup you can even combine-scheduled backups with manual backups to ensure that important changes gets backed up immediately. Since you userepparttar 107851 same Backup Jobs for scheduled and manual file backups, running a manual file backup can be done with a single mouse click.

Compressing Data Backups In most cases, compressing backups can be a very good idea since many files that are commonly included in backups (emails, text documents or images) can often be compressed to 50% of their original size or less. If you are using WinBackup, compression is enabled by default. In WinBackup you can also find out how largerepparttar 107852 compressed file will be before runningrepparttar 107853 backup by looking atrepparttar 107854 estimated compressed size value. This value is updated in real-time while you add or remove files torepparttar 107855 backup and can be very helpful when determining ifrepparttar 107856 backup will fit onrepparttar 107857 target harddrive or cd.

Data Recovery Made Easy

Written by Emil Malmberg

Today millions of people all aroundrepparttar world depend on their computers for their daily work, and while modern computers are fairly reliable millions of dollars are lost every year due to technical problems and loss of data. If you spend more than a few hours per month in front of your computer you probably have some important documents and emails somewhere on your harddrive. In fact, many computers users haverepparttar 107847 result of hundreds of hours of hard work stored on their harddrives. What most people do not realize though, is that computers and harddrives is not a very secure place to store important information. A virus attack, disk crash or even a human error can easily wipe out irreplaceable files or your entire harddrive. While it is possible, although very expensive, to recover information from a crashed or erased harddrive, there is only one simple way to protect your files, emails and other data from crashes and technical disasters. Save backups on CDs, DVDs or some other secure media and update your backups daily! If you have an up to date backup, expensive and complicated data recovery procedures are no longer necessary.

Creating Backupsrepparttar 107848 Easy Way When creating backups, it is important that you update you backups often or they will not be very

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