Backpacking In The Sleeping Bear Dunes

Written by Steve Gillman

I was backpacking inrepparttar Sleeping Bear Dunes. It was March, so when I made it throughrepparttar 142251 woods and overrepparttar 142252 dunes, I'd have miles of beach to myself. It was an over-nighter, a chance to test new ultralight backpacking equipment. I hikedrepparttar 142253 wooded hills quickly, enjoyingrepparttar 142254 cold air.

Halfway throughrepparttar 142255 forest, I stopped to cook noodles. The cheap 3-ounce pot was from a dollar store, and it worked fine. I was happy, because fromrepparttar 142256 catalog descriptions,repparttar 142257 expensive titanium pots are all heavier, probably because they're too thick and with too many gadgets.

I had to use a small twig-fire when my homemade alcohol stove didn't provide enough heat. I later learned that isopropyl alcohol doesn't burn as hot asrepparttar 142258 alcohol used for a gas additive, butrepparttar 142259 twigs worked in any case.

Backpacking On The Beach

After eating, I hiked to Lake Michigan, and sat up on a large sand dune. I watchedrepparttar 142260 waves push ice up ontorepparttar 142261 empty beach. Coyotes began to howl inrepparttar 142262 distance, andrepparttar 142263 clouds rolled in. I was onrepparttar 142264 beach looking for petoskey stones whenrepparttar 142265 snow began. Backpacking in March has its risks.

I was in running shoes, and it would be below freezing that night. In northern Michigan, March is definitely part of winter. My feet stayed warm while I hiked, but I hadn't planned on them getting wet. At least I had a pair of warm, dry socks for sleeping.

Ultralight Backpacking Equipment

It wasrepparttar 142266 first time I used my GoLite Breeze backpack, which weighed only 13 ounces. I was hiking with about nine pounds on my back, and that only because I threw in some canned food. I was going light, but I knewrepparttar 142267 forests here and felt comfortable with my abilities.

Why Tiger Woods Golf Swing Technique Is So Effective

Written by Mike Pedersen

Golf sensation Tiger Woods’ golf swing technique has beenrepparttar subject of many interesting studies.

One thing that has come out very clearly from this leading golfer’s style and his golf swing technique is his amazing flexibility and high fitness level which have contribute tremendously to his golf career. A career that has seen him crowned inrepparttar 142236 minds of many asrepparttar 142237 undisputed greatest golfer inrepparttar 142238 history ofrepparttar 142239 sport.

The Tiger Woods golf swing technique sees Wood utilizing his flexibility atrepparttar 142240 back of his swing to comfortably reach far back.

As he begins his swing, his level of fitness and muscle strength enables him to build up club head velocity by turning his torso quickly and pressing his right leg forward. There is minimal waste of energy as he maintains his position aboverepparttar 142241 golf ball.

Driving through, Woods uses his hips, shoulders and wrists to concentrate his force and create a high initial ball speed. Research has shown that within a few feet offrepparttar 142242 tee,repparttar 142243 ball is usually traveling at about 180 miles per hour. The average tour pro usually manages only 160 miles per hour.

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