Backing Up Your Stuff Part 6: Where Is It #2?

Written by Richard Lowe

Paint Shop Pro In my humble opinion, Paint Shop Pro is one ofrepparttar best bargains available onrepparttar 132115 internet. This inexpensive (less than $100) shareware program provides most ofrepparttar 132116 functions ofrepparttar 132117 far more expensive Adobe Photoshop with a better interface and quicker performance.

Paint Shop Pro version 7 has many different features with many different files. The locations of each ofrepparttar 132118 files are explained below. Note that Paint Shop Pro is almost unique in that you can define up to three different locations for each of these features. This is most cool.

Tubes - A picture tube is a way to create repeating graphics with different images. For example, you could create a tube of 20 different butterflies. Each time you clickedrepparttar 132119 tube you would get a random butterfly image added to your graphic. You can create your own tubes and you can download tubes fromrepparttar 132120 internet. They are stored, by default, inrepparttar 132121 following location.

C:Program FilesJasc Software IncPaint Shop Pro 7Tubes

Patterns - A pattern is an image which is used to create strokes or fills. By default, patterns are stored here.

C:Program FilesJasc Software IncPaint Shop Pro 7Patterns

Textures - A texture definesrepparttar 132122 three dimensional characteristics of a two-dimensional graphics. For example, you could define a crumpled piece of paper or a stucco surface. Textures are stored here:

C:Program FilesJasc Software IncPaint Shop Pro 7Textures

Gradients - A gradient definesrepparttar 132123 degree of changes in colors. They are stored in this location by default:

C:Program FilesJasc Software IncPaint Shop Pro 7Gradients

Brushes - These allow you to define brush tips. They are stored in this location by default.

C:Program FilesJasc Software IncPaint Shop Pro 7Brushes

Frames - Picture frames are fancy borders that you can add to images. They are stashed inrepparttar 132124 following location by default.

Internet Security: Backups

Written by Richard Lowe

A vital part of any security scheme is backup. No matter how tight your security is, you always haverepparttar chance that a virus or hacker or even your 5 year old kid is going to slip through your defenses and damage your system and your vital data files. If you don't back up your data regularly you will be out of luck. And anyone who has been there knows how horrible it is to realize that your computer is destroyed and there is no way to getrepparttar 132114 files back.

In order to back up your system, you will need a backup device. Some people use Zip or Jazz drives, others use tape drives, write able CD drives, or other removable cartridge systems. I know it sounds expensive, but compared withrepparttar 132115 cost of losing your valuable data forever, each of these is cheap.

I've found thatrepparttar 132116 best all-around product for backup is Backup Exec. This product requires a tape drive, as do most other third-party backup solutions. Backup Exec is preferred because it can be made totally automatic and is one ofrepparttar 132117 top-rated products industry-wide. If you want to back up to other media, though, you'll do best to stick withrepparttar 132118 backup software that comes withrepparttar 132119 media.

An important fact that I've noticed about backup is that you have to make it a part of your normal routine. Even if you have automated backups set up and working perfectly, you must check them constantly. If you don't you will find yourself without a backup when you need it most! My advice is to try restoring files from your backup occasionally when you don't need it so you are ready and are sure you have good backups when you do need them.

Be careful when choosing backup mediums for longer range storage. There is nothing more frustrating then to need a backup, go to it and find thatrepparttar 132120 file that you need cannot be retrieved becauserepparttar 132121 media is corrupt! For critical data I usually make sure I have backups on several different media (perhaps tape and zip disk), and forrepparttar 132122 really important stuff I tend to rotate through half a dozen different medias. I mean, think about it, isrepparttar 132123 data for your entire company worth a few dollars for some hardware and media? Don't risk all of your years of hard work trying to save a few dollars on media.

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