Back Up Your Email Box Before It is Too Late

Written by Bill Platt

When so many of us rely so much on our email to operate our businesses or our personal lives, it is important to take preventative measures to avoidrepparttar ultimate disaster of unrecoverable email.

I come to this subject as a matter of multiple events on my machine where one day I would open my mail to discover that all has been lost. The pit that wells in your stomach upon realization of this occurrence can be overwhelming. To recover inrepparttar 109613 event of future losses, each of us should learnrepparttar 109614 basics of maintaining and backing up our email.

One ofrepparttar 109615 important things to do in preventative maintenance, is to clean your folders and to empty your trash. Most people do not realize that whenrepparttar 109616 number of messages in a specific folder exceeds a certain threshold that they begin running on borrowed time.

Exactly where that threshold is varies from email client to email client, so what may be true for mine may be different for yours. Personally, I userepparttar 109617 Netscape 4.x Email Client for security reasons more than anything. The Netscape 4.x Email Client is less susceptible to JavaScript attacks than any other email client I have used.

What I do know is that I have repeatedly pushed my client to its limits to see whererepparttar 109618 threshold might be. The Netscape 4.x Email Client will generally break at around 4,500 email messages in one folder, though it will become shaky at around 2,000 messages.

For users of other clients such as Outlook Express, Eudora and others, I cannot tell yourepparttar 109619 top end of how wellrepparttar 109620 software will perform.

If there are more than 2,000 messages you wish to hang on to, you should begin filing your messages in separate folders belowrepparttar 109621 Inbox. This will help you to find your messages quicker and it will provide more stability to your email client.

There are three folders that you must pay regular attention to. They arerepparttar 109622 Inbox, Sent Mail Folder and Trash Folder.

Most people fail to remember that their client is pre-configured to save a copy of all outgoing email. As a result, this folder can grow to unbelievable sizes before anyone thinks to clean it out.

It is important to mentionrepparttar 109623 Trash Folder in more detail since most people do not realize how it works.

Most email clients follow a general principle in their operation. Each email box is generally represented by two files. The first is a text rendering of all messages inrepparttar 109624 box. The second is an indexing file that listsrepparttar 109625 title of repparttar 109626 email and other identifying characteristics relative to each individual message.

When you look atrepparttar 109627 contents of your email box, you are actually seeingrepparttar 109628 contents ofrepparttar 109629 indexing file. When you pull uprepparttar 109630 text of an actual message,repparttar 109631 software is finding repparttar 109632 message inrepparttar 109633 message file according torepparttar 109634 software assigned Email ID as listed inrepparttar 109635 indexing file.

Now, when you move a message from one folder to another, including intorepparttar 109636 Trash Folder,repparttar 109637 only thing that actually moves isrepparttar 109638 listing inrepparttar 109639 indexing file! This is important to understand. A message moved torepparttar 109640 Trash Folder has not been deleted fromrepparttar 109641 origination folder. In fact,repparttar 109642 message is just where it originated until you dorepparttar 109643 command Compress Folders or Empty Trash Folder.

Avoiding the Delete Button - How To Make Your Email Campaign Pay Off

Written by Diane Hughes

Have you noticed? It's becoming harder and harder to get a good response out of email campaigns. Why? The more popular an advertising method becomes,repparttar more overused it gets. When that happens, customers develop an "immunity". They are so overwhelmed byrepparttar 109612 dozens, or even hundreds, of emails that pop into their inboxes that they simply hitrepparttar 109613 delete button without even giving it a second thought.

So how do we, as Internet marketers, battle their complacency? There are several ways that have been proven to increase customer response.

I'll assume that you already have a customer-focused, sales-oriented Web site; and that your offer is a solid one that shows value.

1. Use Short, Concise Subject Lines - While personalization has been shown to increase response rate, there are several things that have been proven to decrease it. Long subject lines are one. Try to keep yours at 40 characters or under. Why? Many email programs cut off longer subject lines. Also, avoid "hyp-ish" subjects. The more personal you are,repparttar 109614 better. Exclamation points,repparttar 109615 word "free" and other trigger words such as "boost" and "skyrocket" are a sure ticket torepparttar 109616 delete file.

2. K.I.S.S. - Remember this acronym? Keep It Simple Stupid. It applies to emails, too. Don't piddle around. Get your benefits in front ofrepparttar 109617 reader immediately. Likewise, it is important to note that shorter emails have proven to out perform longer ones. It is doubtful that you'll actually sell anyone from your email ad - rather, aim to piquerepparttar 109618 reader's interest, and get him/her to click to your site.

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