Back To The Western World

Written by VMT Singuillo

Many of us have grown during those times when western movies featuringrepparttar cowboys

andrepparttar 151141 indians (now better called asrepparttar 151142 native Americans) have been a great hit.

Yet as you walk in any place ofrepparttar 151143 US, once in a while you would even see people

wear a glimpse ofrepparttar 151144 cowboys.

To our Native American brothers and sisters, we greatly salute you for your great

contributions torepparttar 151145 American society and culture. The Native American culture

will always be remembered.

With our great respects torepparttar 151146 cowboys andrepparttar 151147 Native Americans, many of us would

like to have souvenirs from them. Big cities inrepparttar 151148 US may have specialty stores

that sell western souvenirs at high prices.

Onrepparttar 151149 other hand, if people travel by land from coast to coast inrepparttar 151150 US, chances

are they could pass by western stores that sell western and native American

San Francisco Beaches

Written by Jed Clark

When you are planning a vacation to Maui or Rio de Janeiro you may put beaches onrepparttar top of you list of things to see. However, when planning a trip to San Francisco, you may have heard of North Beach, but North Beach doesn't have any beaches (thoughrepparttar 151140 neighborhood was named after a beach that used to be on its north shoreline). If fact, San Francisco has several beaches that provide diversions for residents and visitors alike.

Make no mistake about it, San Francisco is not Los Angeles. Unless it's an exceptional day, San Francisco beaches tend to be a little chilly, windy and foggy. However, this should not deter you from enjoying a nice afternoon atrepparttar 151141 beach. Many San Francisco beaches have beautiful panoramic views ofrepparttar 151142 Marin Headlands, Point Bonita Lighthouse andrepparttar 151143 Golden Gate Bridge. Just be prepared with a sweatshirt or jacket in addition to your shorts or swim suit. Because ofrepparttar 151144 latitude of San Francisco,repparttar 151145 waters may be too cold for swimming (unless you brought your wet suit). Bring your beach towels, a sand bucket, a good book, a kite and a Frisbee to makerepparttar 151146 best of your afternoon atrepparttar 151147 beach.

San Francisco's most popular beaches are Ocean Beach and Baker Beach. Although East Beach at Crissy Field inrepparttar 151148 Presidio has become quite popular sincerepparttar 151149 restoration of Crissy Field.

Ocean Beach is San Francisco's largest and longest beach running 5 miles uprepparttar 151150 entire west side of San Francisco. The northern end of San Francisco Ocean Beach popular among locals, surfers and visitors. The Cliff House towers above Ocean Beach perched onrepparttar 151151 edge of a coastal bluff that bordersrepparttar 151152 north end ofrepparttar 151153 beach. The beach is perfect for building sand sculptures and hosts a yearly sand sculpture contest. Ocean Beach has a very slight slope, making it ideal for wading inrepparttar 151154 surf. Surfers wearing wet suits are a common sight along this section of Ocean Beach.

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