Baby massage: A Cure for Colic

Written by Lucy Curran

Colic hurts. Any parent who has an affected child will know that there is almost no pain like it –repparttar physical and vocal response torepparttar 146697 problem can be highly tiring and its very difficult to stand by and cope as a parent. It’s often tough to ask – whatrepparttar 146698 hell is going on inside my baby?! Whenrepparttar 146699 problem arises, as it’s so common and many health visitors expect parents to be aware ofrepparttar 146700 nature ofrepparttar 146701 affliction and how to deal with it. The fact is: NOBODY knows what colic is, it was thought for a time to be a intestinal problem, and related to trapped wind, butrepparttar 146702 only thing that evenrepparttar 146703 medical profession know aboutrepparttar 146704 cause of such pain is that is causes up to three hours of crying a day, for more than three or four days a week. Your baby isn’t alone either: 20% of children, males and females, suffer colic as infants; usually when they are but a few months old. Apart fromrepparttar 146705 application of gripewater: a, shall we say, interestingly flavoured product; there was for many, many years no cure for this elusive problem…. Until now… Many parents instinctively rub their children when they are in pain. We all know that, just as we need to massage our limbs when we get cramp, they need physical stimulation so that blood flow and wind movements can be righted. Baby massage allows for intense and structured contact with colic afflicted babies – and has been accredited torepparttar 146706 dissolution problem completely. Flowing fromrepparttar 146707 head torepparttar 146708 toes, this specialist form of massage sees babies have full, much needed skin to skin contact with their caregiver; a soothing prospect for those suffering pain. A particularly encouraged technique for parents of colicky babies isrepparttar 146709 stomach massage, which seesrepparttar 146710 masseuse rubrepparttar 146711 babies belly in a gentle, circular motion beneathrepparttar 146712 rib cage, an action that encouragesrepparttar 146713 correct movement of digested food throughrepparttar 146714 body.

Porch Swing Places: Where to Put Your Porch Swing

Written by Kevin Snook

So you've purchased a Porch Swing (or are about to) and you plan to hang it onrepparttar Porch? Not so fast!

Where you install your Porch Swing is as much a function ofrepparttar 146676 need you are trying to satisfy as tradition and practicality. If nostalgia is your motivator, thenrepparttar 146677 porch may well berepparttar 146678 best place for your Patio Swing. But if you want a "Swing with a View", you might want to consider other options. And what about privacy and solitude? If these are your deciding factors, then you might consider a more secluded area. Finally, if romance is your #1 concern, thenrepparttar 146679 immediate surroundings will factor intorepparttar 146680 decision of where to put your Porch Swing.

If you bought your Porch Swing because you long forrepparttar 146681 good old days, thenrepparttar 146682 porch is probablyrepparttar 146683 best place for your swing. It is after all where your memories probably happened. Perhaps you have cherished memories of swinging with Grandma on hot summer days trying to catch a breeze. Or maybe you fell in love as a teenager on your parent's swing. Whatever your memories, to capturerepparttar 146684 right "feeling", you'll probably want to hang your swing onrepparttar 146685 porch.

But if your primary concern is have a great view to enjoy, then you may want to consider some less traditional places to hang your Porch Swing. If, for example, you live onrepparttar 146686 seaside with a great view ofrepparttar 146687 ocean andrepparttar 146688 passing ships, you may want to build a support to position your swing to face allrepparttar 146689 action. Or if you love a gorgeous sunset, then being able to see it from your swing may be important to you and this will help you decide onrepparttar 146690 perfect spot.

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