Baby Steps To Writing Success

Written by Angela Booth

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Summary: Take baby seteps to writing success. One step after another, and you're a success, right now.

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Baby Steps To Writing Success

Copyright © 2003 by Angela Booth

After a lifetime's worth of writing, I can file these baby steps underrepparttar 129293 "wish I'd known when I started" category. They're vital. If you follow them, not only will you be successful at writing at some time inrepparttar 129294 future, you'll be successful right now.

=> One: Write every day Writers write. That's all. And they write every day, just like plumbers fix taps and electricians wire houses. Writers write.

It's a process. You can outline and plan your writing all you want, but at some stage, every day, you must sit down and write.

=> Two: Pay attention to what you love

You'll write best about what you love. So take note ofrepparttar 129295 things you love. Make a list. Don't ever think that no one else is interested in what turns you on. Enthusiasm is contagious.

=> Three: It'srepparttar 129296 journey…

Beware of fantasies like: "When this is published", "when I get an agent", "when I hold my first book in my hand".

When your fantasies come true, and afterrepparttar 129297 warm glow wears off, you won’t feel all that different (in fact, you won't feel any different) torepparttar 129298 way you feel right now. (I hope I'm not trampling your favourite fantasy into dust.)

What Makes One Book Outsell Another?

Written by Judy Cullins

What Makes One Book Outsell Another? Judy Cullins ©2003

Wouldn't you rather write a book that sells well than be stuck with unsold inventory? When you plan ahead withrepparttar 10 tips below, you will sell thousands rather than hundreds of your unique and important information or inspirational products.

1. Write non-fiction first. These books are 90% of total book sales. After non-fiction success, you can use your profits to partially finance a fiction project.

2. Write short books to start. Short books in any format, like eBooks, booklets, guides or special reports are faster, easier, and cheaper to write than full-length books of 200-300 pages. They can be as short as five pages (special reports), to eBooks that can be 5-100pages (even longer).

3. Market to a book-buying audience. Women buy far more books than men, about 75%. If your message benefits women, you'll do well in sales. If your book solves a problem it will sell more. It's best to seerepparttar 129291 need and fill it rather than have an idea-then look for an audience.

4. Choose your cover and title with care. Image is almost everything. You have four seconds to impress your potential buyer. Be clear, use metaphor and make sure your title elicits a picture or an emotion. Keep your title short, preferably 5-7 words. What solutions and results does your book promise? See more free articles including "Titles Sell Books" on

5. Expand your book into a series. Think ofrepparttar 129292 huge success ofrepparttar 129293 Chicken Soup Series. They have one cover for allrepparttar 129294 titles.The latest count is 68 million. Think of spin-off products that relate to your book. Some people prefer to learn by listening to a cassette. You may also want to serialize your eBook, sending one part or chapter a week through an autoresponder.

These formats actually help you sell more books. Other spin-offs include coaching, consulting, speaking, seminars, columns, or videos.

6. Impress your potential buyer within eight seconds with your back cover copy. The biggest mistake authors make is putting their title onrepparttar 129295 back cover. Since it's already onrepparttar 129296 front cover, you need to instead, put your sparkling headline atrepparttar 129297 top. For example, "Imagine 1000's Buying Your Book Next Month!" It must hook your readers, stir up their emotions, and hit their desire.

In 75 words or less, includerepparttar 129298 benefits your book offers. How to get more money, heart-centered relationships, more fame, more health. Less stress and time spend in a project. Include from 3-5 bullets of benefits, what specifics your book promises its readers.

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