Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Written by Randy Wilson

If you need ideas for baby shower invitation wording, then here are some great ideas for you. Baby shower invitations contain important details ofrepparttar baby shower event, but they need to be cute and fun as well. Wording for baby shower invitations can be easy to create on your own or you can go to several Internet sites for some ofrepparttar 148160 best baby shower wording ideas available. There you will find all ofrepparttar 148161 baby shower invitation wording ideas you will ever need. What you say is as important as how you say it.

Your baby shower invitation wording can be either generic or specific. If you knowrepparttar 148162 gender ofrepparttar 148163 baby, then you should try to create gender specific wording forrepparttar 148164 baby shower invitation. There are wonderful little sayings for baby boys, as well as wonderful sayings for baby girls. But ifrepparttar 148165 genderís not yet known, donít worry. There are many standard wording options as well.

You will find ideas online for twins, triplets, and even adoption baby shower invitation wording. You can search for ideas in many places, butrepparttar 148166 best place to look for anything in our world today isrepparttar 148167 Internet. Many invitation websites have whatís called ĎWording Librariesí where they offer hundreds of wording options for you. Your baby shower invitation wording could be inrepparttar 148168 form of a quote or baby poem. Wording for invitations can be casual or formal depending onrepparttar 148169 overall style and theme ofrepparttar 148170 event. Just be sure to be consistent. People will assume that casual wording means itís going to be a casual event!

Your baby shower invitation wording needs to contain some important information, likerepparttar 148171 time, date, location, andrepparttar 148172 names ofrepparttar 148173 guests of honor! Donít forget to include whererepparttar 148174 mother or mother to be is registered for gifts. And perhaps youíre throwing a surprise baby shower Ė what fun! Just be sure to tell your guests to keep it quiet inrepparttar 148175 baby shower invitation wording. Here is a sample wording for baby shower invitations when you want to keeprepparttar 148176 big event a surprise:

Shhh! Itís a Secret!
A Surprise Baby Shower for
Anne Marie Glenn
and newborn Joe Steven

How to Ease Travel Sickness this Summer

Written by Nigel West

Travel sickness, whether brought on when travelling by air, sea or car is a nightmare. If you are unprepared thenrepparttar resulting mess and smell can affect other people, spreading almost like a virulent virus. On a plane or inrepparttar 148125 carrepparttar 148126 smell can take ages to disappear - not ideal if you are atrepparttar 148127 start of a touring holiday.

Travel sickness and in particular car sickness is often thought to affect mostly children, however medical opinion estimates that 80% ofrepparttar 148128 population suffer from motion sickness at some point in their lives. My daughter was fine untilrepparttar 148129 age of 6, when we discovered thatrepparttar 148130 delay between announcing feeling sick and actually vomiting is so small as to be insignificant. Now 10, she only reads on a motorway or dual carriageway.

Motion sickness occurs whenrepparttar 148131 brain canít matchrepparttar 148132 information it is receiving from: 1) Inner ears, which sense in which directions you are moving 2) Eyes, which see what direction you are moving 3) Skin receptors, which detect which parts of your body are touchingrepparttar 148133 ground 4) Muscles and joint sensory receptors, which tell you if you are moving muscles and what position you are in

For example, if you are reading in a moving car, your inner ears and skin receptors are telling your brain that you are moving forward, but your eyes are on a stationary book and your muscle receptors reporting that you are sitting still. For some people this is OK, but for others some form of motion sickness will start to build up.

Motion sickness can takerepparttar 148134 form of dizziness, fatigue, and nausea which may progress to vomiting. Fear of motion sickness can make these feelings a lot worse.

So what can be done to avoid motion sickness? When I was involved in rallying 15 years ago I was fine driving, but navigating was a real problem. I loved it dearly but suffered dreadfully with motion sickness. It got so bad on one event that I could hardly walk when I finally got out ofrepparttar 148135 car. Whilst I was never actually sick,repparttar 148136 only way I could stoprepparttar 148137 nausea was not to eat from getting up inrepparttar 148138 morning torepparttar 148139 event, which generally started inrepparttar 148140 early evening. I think you will agree this is a bit extreme!

If you often suffer from motion sickness there are a few things to try to make a journey more comfortable. 1) Avoid heavy meals for two hours beforerepparttar 148141 journey. Eat small amounts of something dry such as crackers, crisps or biscuits beforerepparttar 148142 journey, donít eat any dairy products and avoid salad and fruit as it can be acidic. If possible donít eat whilst onrepparttar 148143 trip. 2) Drink small amounts of non natural drinks. Donít drink milk or any natural juices such as orange juice and others with citric acid. Avoid alcohol. 3) Try anti motion sickness pills, either from you doctor or homeopath. 4) Acupressure bands work well for some people. 5) Studies have shown ginger root can be effective against motion sickness. Ginger capsules are available or you can try a dose of about 1/2 teaspoon of dry powdered ginger, which is equivalent to approximately 1/3 ounce of fresh ginger root, which is roughly a 1/4-inch slice. 6) Avoid staring outrepparttar 148144 window for long periods of time as this can create motion sickness. 7) Keep still and move gently. If possible stay where there isrepparttar 148145 least movement. 8) Don't read 9) Alternative remedies such as EFT (or tapping), hypnosis or acupuncture may help.

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