Baby Shower Invitation Cards

Written by Randy Wilson

Baby Shower Invitation Cards are a time saver forrepparttar hostess. It is also a good idea to have more invitations than you need. If you send invitations by mail, you want an envelope that stands out so that it doesn't look like junk mail.

How many guests to invite:
Usually you invite between 8 and 30 guests. The number would be determined by several things. One is where you are havingrepparttar 141702 baby shower. In a dining room, a backyard, a rented room. What type of guests you are having. Ladies, men, ladies and men, and/or children.

What type of Baby Shower Invitation Cards:
You can get free baby shower invitation ideas, purchase printable invitations, make a handmade baby shower invitation, create your own designs, send ecard invitations, handwritten, personalized, blank cards, baby shower invite, or use a baby shower invitation kit. For more links and ideas on invitations you can go to our pages, Free Printable Invitations or Baby Shower Invitations Free.

Where to get baby shower invitations ideas:
You can get your invitation ideas from old invitations, online, books, or magazine articles.

What styles of invitations to choose from:
You can choose from several different styles: Elegant, embossed, formal, trendy, simple, ornate, or wacky shower invitations.

“Mommy, I Can’t Sleep!”: Sleep Disturbance in Children

Written by Dr. Charles Sophy

"Just turnrepparttar lights off and go to sleep"

Do you find yourself saying this to your child? Well, you’re not alone!!

Sleep problems are some ofrepparttar 141676 most common problems parents face with their children. Some parents struggle with getting their child to sleep throughrepparttar 141677 night. New parents worry about how to help their child learn good sleep habits that last a lifetime. And still others wonder if their child’s sleep difficulties are chronic and are concerned that their child may be going through their days sleep-deprived.

Studies reveal that a significant number of children have some form of a sleep disturbance. Sleep disturbances among children and adolescents are common. Prolonged changes in sleep patterns, if left untreated, can result in significant emotional, behavioral, and cognitive impairment and can put your child at risk for poor school performance, accidents, and social or medical problems. The key is to identify changes in sleep, and to know when to seek assistance. Sleep disturbance can take several forms including:

•difficulty falling asleep •trouble staying asleep •frequently awakening

There also are other variations of sleep issues known as parasomnias, e.g., night terrors or sleepwalking.

To alleviate your child's sleep disturbance, try these simple steps:

•Keep bedtime atrepparttar 141678 same time each night: This helps your child establish a structure and enforces a predictable routine. •Monitor unnecessary environmental stimuli: Minimizerepparttar 141679 light and noise inrepparttar 141680 child’s bedroom (music, lights) •Encourage pre-bedtime relaxation: Children respond well to activities that allow them to wind down such as a warm bath, massage or aromatherapy •Share some activity: Dedicate time to reading a bedtime story or talking about your child’s day and encouraging meditation and reflection •Planrepparttar 141681 transition: Easerepparttar 141682 child into new processes by discussing changes and comforting their transition into healthy sleep habits

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