Baby Shower Guide - 10 easy steps

Written by Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

1. Who will planrepparttar Baby Shower

Baby showers can be hosted by anyone forrepparttar 110007 new "parents to be." It can be a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. If it is a surprise shower, thenrepparttar 110008 family can help out withrepparttar 110009 guest list and gift items.

2. Baby Shower Budget

To determine how muchrepparttar 110010 shower will cost, you will need to knowrepparttar 110011 number of guests,repparttar 110012 location ofrepparttar 110013 shower,repparttar 110014 menu, what type of party favors, and how many game prizes you will need.

3. Guest list

Organize your guest list by askingrepparttar 110015 parents-to-be who they would like to have atrepparttar 110016 shower. Usually this includes friends and family, but a few close co-workers may also be invited. Get address, phone numbers, and email addresses. Decide if it will be a "girl's only" shower or "couples".

4. Baby Shower Theme

Baby showers are fun when having baby shower games! Be a kid again with teddy bears and stuffed animals for decorations. Or, invite couples and do a buffet or outdoor party. Whatever theme you choose, remember this will berepparttar 110017 baby's first party. Baby shower party favors are fun to hand out atrepparttar 110018 end ofrepparttar 110019 party.  Have fun!

5. Selectingrepparttar 110020 menu

Although your menu should reflect your theme,repparttar 110021 time of day is as important - as well asrepparttar 110022 number of guests. Make this a day of celebration forrepparttar 110023 Mother-to-be or parents-to-be, her guests, and yourself. Considerrepparttar 110024 amount of time and room available forrepparttar 110025 shower, as well as any special dietary needs ofrepparttar 110026 Mother-to-be and her guests.

6. Location ofrepparttar 110027 Baby Shower

Choose a location that is easy to get to and will accommodaterepparttar 110028 needs ofrepparttar 110029 party. Generally, baby showers are held atrepparttar 110030 home ofrepparttar 110031 host. Have an idea of how many people you expect before arranging any final details.

7. Selectrepparttar 110032 Baby Shower date

Romance on a Budget - Love Is Patient, Kind, and Cheap!

Written by Nicole Dean

I've found something that many men do not understand. "Romance does not equal money." The men I've talked with have been frightened off by television and movies and believe that romance is something outside of their budget. They are wrong.

When I think ofrepparttar most romantic and breathtaking stories that my friends and I discuss over coffee, we don't talk about flying off to Europe or drinkingrepparttar 110006 most expensive champagne. The little things like holding hands, reading stories together, and lots of laughter are what we hold dear.

I've put together a list of ways to show love -- without running up your credit card bill. And, ladies, this list is for you, too. Initiaterepparttar 110007 following ideas with your Sweetie, and show him how much you care. The ideas below are for men or women and fit every budget.

Love Notes - Leave Love Notes for your Sweetheart to find.

Pampering - Brush her hair. Scratch his back.

Wildlife - Feedrepparttar 110008 ducks, squirrels, birds, turtles or fish near you.

Games - Turn offrepparttar 110009 TV. Sit and play cards or board games together.

Cooking - Find recipes to make with your sweetheart.

Candles - Candles should be used every day -- for meals, bath time, snuggling.

Read together - Choose a book and take turns reading it to each other.

Photos - When isrepparttar 110010 last time you had a photo taken together? What are you waiting for?

Work Date - Surprise your love with a lunch date.

Stroll - Leaverepparttar 110011 TV, phone and computer behind and go on a walk together.

Spell it Out - With Sidewalk Chalk, write your names in a heart onrepparttar 110012 sidewalk where your sweetheart is sure to see it.

Entertainment - Go see a High School or College play or concert. It is affordable and fun!

Slow Dance - Turn onrepparttar 110013 radio and dance torepparttar 110014 songs you fell in love listening to.

Star Gaze - Drive out torepparttar 110015 country and look atrepparttar 110016 stars.

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