Baby Shower Etiquette

Written by Cathy Cripps


Years ago, baby showers were never hosted by a family member. This practice was thought by most people to be tacky, appearing as ifrepparttar family was asking for gifts. Thankfully, that tradition has changed where now it is acceptable for family members, friends, or co-workers to hostrepparttar 146754 shower. The only exception to this rule is thatrepparttar 146755 parents should not throw their own shower since this is considered inappropriate.

Baby Shower Gift Registry

Written by Cathy Cripps

Baby Shower Gift Registry Just as with weddings, couples today can now register in person or online at most of their favorite stores. This providesrepparttar couple an opportunity to determinerepparttar 146753 gifts they will receive, specific colors, sizes, and so on. Additionally, with so many companies offering online baby shower registers, both high end and affordable stores can be chosen so every guest can choose their price range.

Interestingly, some people still consider baby gift registers as cold and impersonal. You wantrepparttar 146754 guests to know thatrepparttar 146755 gift is their choice since it is something that comes fromrepparttar 146756 heart. To ensure no one is offended, wording is very important sorepparttar 146757 recommendation of usingrepparttar 146758 gift registry is not seen as offensive.

Remember, you do not want to includerepparttar 146759 information aboutrepparttar 146760 gift registry inrepparttar 146761 invitation. Now, some people will add this information on a separate piece of paper slipped insiderepparttar 146762 invitation but etiquette experts state this is an incorrect way of handling it. Instead, whenrepparttar 146763 guests reply withrepparttar 146764 RSVP, you can then send them a note inrepparttar 146765 mail or via email, providingrepparttar 146766 gift registry information.

This message could say something like, “Thank you for your confirmation for attending John and Sue’s baby shower. We look forward to you joining us forrepparttar 146767 celebration of life and enjoying this time of fellowship among family and friends. Although baby gifts are welcomed, they are not mandatory. If you are unsure whatrepparttar 146768 couple needs, they have registered at a few stores to include…”

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