Baby Girl Shower Invitations

Written by Randy Wilson

Baby girl shower invitations basic theme isrepparttar welcoming of baby girls intorepparttar 144978 fold of a family. Baby showers celebraterepparttar 144979 arrival of a baby/babies into this world. Actually, a baby born into a family ensuresrepparttar 144980 continuity ofrepparttar 144981 family lineage.

As such,repparttar 144982 coming of a baby (whether girl or boy) always gives a family and their friends a great occasion for rejoicing. The baby showers honorrepparttar 144983 would-be-mothers and makesrepparttar 144984 period of anticipation a little easier for her.

The baby shower ceremonies are usually celebrated duringrepparttar 144985 pregnancy period. By convention, baby showers are held forrepparttar 144986 first child. Baby showers are organized to receive or arrange funds forrepparttar 144987 would-be parents. This is an immense help forrepparttar 144988 first time parents-to-be.

The guests may also make gifts forrepparttar 144989 baby-to-be born. This givesrepparttar 144990 parents a chance to gather things that they might find difficult to arrange out of sheer ignorance or due to costs involved. With families becoming smaller, each child gets more individual attention and baby shower ceremonies have become more common inrepparttar 144991 past 15 years.

Following tradition, baby showers are organized by family friends, rather than by immediate families. Actually,repparttar 144992 immediate families ofrepparttar 144993 couple (would-be-parents) arerepparttar 144994 chief guests. Close friends, relatives and even neighbors with whomrepparttar 144995 would-be-mother is on intimate terms make it torepparttar 144996 invited circle.

This alleviatesrepparttar 144997 spirit ofrepparttar 144998 would-be-mother and hencerepparttar 144999 host ofrepparttar 145000 shower, needs to make wise choice of guests while sending out baby girl shower invitations. The guests should receiverepparttar 145001 baby girl shower invitations well in time, say about two weeks ahead, so that they can surely make it torepparttar 145002 celebration.

The host ofrepparttar 145003 baby shower should always remember thatrepparttar 145004 baby may arrive ahead of time and, therefore, should fix a day not too close torepparttar 145005 anticipated due date.

Journaling for Two

Written by Doreene Clement

Journaling for Two Couples Journals By Doreene Clement

Journaling is a powerful tool that can enhance our lives and support our well-being. It can also add to our relationships at home, work, and play. When we journal we are recording a relative reflection of our feelings and experiences. When we share those withrepparttar ones closest to us, we learn more about ourselves and each other.

You can start a journal for just you and your partner to write in, daily or weekly, whatever you both agree to.

Couples Journals -

Keeping a couples journal with your partner can be a fun and interesting way to communicate and discover more about each other. Get a blank book and place it were it is accessible for both of you on a daily basis. Keep a pen with your journal. You can userepparttar 144977 same color of pen or each have a different color of pen to use. You can also designate colors of pens for certain feelings, i.e., green = growth, blue = sadness, orange = joy, red = anger - you getrepparttar 144978 idea. If you are usingrepparttar 144979 different colored pens, write inrepparttar 144980 front of your journal what you both have decided what each color signifies.

There are 2 ways to use your couples journal. You can each use a side ofrepparttar 144981 book,repparttar 144982 left page orrepparttar 144983 right page, addingrepparttar 144984 date each time you journal. Or you can journal after each other onrepparttar 144985 same pages.

You will both need to discuss what you personally and collectively want to accomplish through using your couples journal. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, what your goals and intentions are, write that inrepparttar 144986 front of your journal. Keep in mind that what you want to accomplish can change, and if it does change, journal that change to each other.

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