Baby Crib Advice and Tips

Written by Martin Smith

Congratulations! You have just learned that you are having a baby. Whether this is your first or not you need to look at cribs. Do you have one already? Is it an antique? A second hand crib whether antique or not needs to be carefully looked at. This is forrepparttar safety of your new baby.

The screws, bolts, and/or other fasteners should all be in place. Are they loose? Willrepparttar 147960 position ofrepparttar 147961 mattress hold under your baby's weight? It is imperative that this be tested before you put your baby inrepparttar 147962 crib. Take something that approximatesrepparttar 147963 weight of your baby at about 4 months old. Bounce it offrepparttar 147964 mattress to be certain it will hold its position. If it doesn't it could cause serious injury to your baby or worse.

When setting uprepparttar 147965 nursery (if it isn't already up) consider very carefully where you will placerepparttar 147966 crib. If you placerepparttar 147967 crib near a window and you have Venetian blinds, either shortenrepparttar 147968 cords or anchor them somewhere that your baby can't reach and get a hold of them. If it all possible avoid placingrepparttar 147969 crib nearrepparttar 147970 window. As your baby grows into a toddler and s/he attempts to climb out ofrepparttar 147971 crib; s/he could possibly fall which could cause serious injury to your baby.

Blankets and your baby are not necessarily a good mix. Withrepparttar 147972 incidents of SIDS today, you want to be sure to do everything that could possibly put your infant at risk. It is more advisable to put your baby to bed in a sleeper. If you absolutely have to have a blanket onrepparttar 147973 baby, tuck it tightly around and underrepparttar 147974 foot ofrepparttar 147975 mattress with your baby's feet touchingrepparttar 147976 footboard. Also you don't want to putrepparttar 147977 blanket any higher onrepparttar 147978 baby than up to his chest as that will help prevent him from slipping underrepparttar 147979 blankets and suffocating.

Bumper pads are a great concept but unless they are secured properly, there is a risk of your baby slipping betweenrepparttar 147980 mattress andrepparttar 147981 bumpers and possibly suffocating. If you use them they should be anchored in at least eight places one at each corner ofrepparttar 147982 crib and at least two spaced evenly on each ofrepparttar 147983 sides. There should be a total of 16 ties in all, forrepparttar 147984 top and bottom.

Mobiles are a nice addition and look adorable but...repparttar 147985 caution here is that if you use a mobile as soon as your baby starts to sit up on his ownrepparttar 147986 mobile should be taken down to prevent your baby from getting tangled in it. Also make sure that it has no small removable parts that your baby could choke on. If your crib is second hand no matter whether you had for a previous child or you got it from someone else check outrepparttar 147987 mattress carefully. Make sure there are no cracks or holes inrepparttar 147988 mattress covering. Make sure too thatrepparttar 147989 mattress properly fits inrepparttar 147990 crib. Here again, your child could slip betweenrepparttar 147991 mattress andrepparttar 147992 sidebars orrepparttar 147993 end boards and suffocate. The mattress should fit snugly inrepparttar 147994 crib. Nowrepparttar 147995 sheets you use in your baby's crib should also fit properly and not slip and slide. Sheet anchors are available that hook onrepparttar 147996 sheet underrepparttar 147997 mattress and keep it in place.

Why Public Schools Hate Home-schooling Parents

Written by Joel Turtel

Home-schooling is a great success. Thatís why many public-school authorities hate home-schooling parents.

Home-schoolers are a direct challenge torepparttar public-school monopoly. This monopoly makes it almost impossible to fire tenured public-school teachers or principals. As a result, tenure gives most teachers life-time guaranteed jobs. They get this incredible benefit only because public schools have a lock on our childrenís education.

If public-school employees had to work for private schools and compete for their jobs inrepparttar 147921 real world, they would lose their security-blanket tenure. Thatís why school authorities view home-schooling parents who challenge their monopoly as a serious threat.

Many school officials also canít standrepparttar 147922 fact that average parents who never went to college give their kids a better education than so-called public-school experts. Successful home-schooling parents therefore humiliaterepparttar 147923 failed public schools by comparison.

Home-schooling parents also humiliate school authorities who claim that only certified or licensed teachers are qualified to teach children. Most home-schooling parents thankfully never stepped foot inside a so-called teacher college or university department of education. Yet these parents give their children a superior education compared to public-school educated kids.

Also, many public-school officials resent home-schoolers becauserepparttar 147924 typical public school loses about $7500 a year in tax money for each child that leavesrepparttar 147925 system. Tax money isrepparttar 147926 life blood ofrepparttar 147927 public-school system. Tax money pays for public-school employeesí generous salaries, benefits, and pensions. Is it any wonder why school authorities donít want to lose their gravy train?

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