Is civilization against African Culture?

“ She grabbed a new razorblade from my hand, flash me with a handful of finger millet flour and cut me! It was over and I becamerepparttar woman I am “. Recalls Mrs Rhobi Wambura (51) of Tarime district Tanzania one ofrepparttar 132642 loud opposes to he government campaign against female circumcision.

Traditionally, female circumcision (Genital multination) was and is still widely practiced amongrepparttar 132643 African communities, though many government and NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) have launched a thorough campaign againstrepparttar 132644 exercise as inhuman. Some tribe’s hold it completely as an important part of their culture and would never let it go. The African only does not only practice Interestingly, this exercise, but Arabs and evenrepparttar 132645 civilized western countries also exercise it. In western Africa andrepparttar 132646 countries like D’jibout, Somali, Tanzania, Sudan and Kenya here up between 10 – 95 percent women circumcised.

So according to gender activists;repparttar 132647 issue is so serious that it need to be addressed byrepparttar 132648 government concerned in order to eradicate it completely amongrepparttar 132649 people. They consider it an infringement to human rights.

The gender activists and according to new civilization, there are medical ramifications as a result ofrepparttar 132650 practice. -The circumciser lacks medical know who, hence carryingrepparttar 132651 operation under conditions that are not sterile (Going all around without wearing gloves and usingrepparttar 132652 same knife or razorblade) exposesrepparttar 132653 candidates torepparttar 132654 danger of contracting HIV/AIDS. -Sometimesrepparttar 132655 operation results into serious loss of blood, in some cases, leading to death (the corpse is not buried but thrown into a forest at night as a bad women) Sex as sex occupies an important part of lives and it would be wrong for anyone to depriverepparttar 132656 other people of it when some important part ofrepparttar 132657 anatomy is excised during circumcision then, this is denial of human rights.



(Person’s life is full of wealth; gold and all types of minerals are found in MAN. Unless you dig for them, you cannot possess true happiness.)

“ Happy arerepparttar pure in heart; they will see God” So goesrepparttar 132641 gospel (Mathew 5:8). Have you ever stopped to think of who decides on your happiness life inrepparttar 132642 world? Is happiness God made or chance? Can a person create his happiness life? You and you alone are in control of your life direction you can drive your self to true happiness or to rags! But in order to be happy, one needs to concentrate on happy thoughts. People always ignorerepparttar 132643 compliments paid to them by others, yet dwelling on unkind words for weeks. They tend to remember compliments for only few minutes or so, but do not forget insult for years. By so doing, you become garbage collector who carries around trash thrown long years ago. You will have to sufferrepparttar 132644 consequences if you ever allow your mind to be occupied by bad experience.

Remember, you being in control of your own mind (heart), you should make happiness and joyrepparttar 132645 center of your world. These are always within you; all you have to do is to be sure you are connected with this place inside you. Then build your life around joy. When you are triumphant, you can be creative because you become open to new Ideas.

For those who were thinking that they could not create their happiness and had given up stresses, I console them and tell them that all is not lost; they still have time to have renovate happiness and be successful if they comply withrepparttar 132646 following gateways.

*RELAXATION: This is very important for joy and peak performance. As you relax, your metabolism comes into balance. You say yes forrepparttar 132647 defeat and start afresh, and by so doing you become laid back and happy. *CRITICISM: This is a useless act, accomplishes not any positive results. Do not do it to yourself or others. Thinking negatively about your self-challenger or other people isrepparttar 132648 greatest cause of limitations in our lives. Never moan, groan and grouch to any one who will only listen, but do to a person who can do something. Complaining to irrelevant person will only add to your stress.

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