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-- Or, where to find a romantic rendez-vous to reconnoiter? -

By Theolonius McTavish, currently a ribald roving reporter (with an abiding interest in arcane topics like curious, odd, or downright postively playful placenames), and part-time errant carpet knight, (a left-over piece of Karma from a previous lifetime)

Valentine’s Day is rolling around again. What would February 14th be without all those wretched little red, cinnamon-flavored candy hearts and calorie-laden chocolate candy kisses?

Well, if you’re not into any of these sumptuous “sweet nothings”, maybe a Valentine vacation might dorepparttar trick. If so, you’ve got plenty of "hot" spots to choose from in North America.

Forrepparttar 118088 benefit of mapless folk, North America includesrepparttar 118089 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and that cold comfort country (onrepparttar 118090 other side ofrepparttar 118091 49th parallel, just a tad due south of Santa's hangout atrepparttar 118092 North Pole lies an off-the-beaten track place) called, "Canada".

Forrepparttar 118093 digitally-inclined, a quick peek at any road atlas or an on-line GPS geo-locator service will certaintly whet one's appetite for a romp inrepparttar 118094 hay with a sizzling “Voluptuous Vixen” or a secret rendez-vous with a “Rudolph Valentino”, far away fromrepparttar 118095 madding crowds.

Let’s see, my list of romantic reconnoitering retreats includes these humdingers and doozies. They may look a tad over-the-top, but I’ll have you know these little gems actually exist.

So Don Juan, Casanova and Romeo, not to mentionrepparttar 118096 damsels-in-distress like Juliet and allrepparttar 118097 other divas ...what are your waiting for? Just grab your gear, step onrepparttar 118098 gas and hitrepparttar 118099 highway of life. And don't forget to stop off at these delightful destinations to get inrepparttar 118100 mood and set hearts a flutter!

On second thought, perhaps you'd like to think twice about your last-minute libidinal travel plans. After all you, may have to blow some serious coin in all these pleasure palaces filled with all manner of decadent indulgences or atrepparttar 118101 very least how to cope withrepparttar 118102 red heart-shaped balloon-filled events.

Hmmmm...let's see where to begin...

Bella Bella (British Columbia – Canada) Bigger (Saskatchewan – Canada) Bird-In-Hand (Pennsylvania) Bliss Landing (British Columbia – Canada) Blue Ball (Pennsylvania) Bummerville (California) Camelot (Texas); Camelot Beach (Ontario – Canada) Climax (Colorado, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Saskatchewan - Canada) Clo-oose (British Columbia – Canada) Cockeysville (Maryland)

In My House, If It's Broken I Bought It

Written by Rev. James L. Snyder

Often a store has a sign withrepparttar warning, "You break it, you bought it." This is to keep people from carelessly handlingrepparttar 118087 merchandise.

I'm thinking of another sign, which should be posted all through my house. "If it's broken, I bought it." This is not to say everything in my house is broken, but to point out that everything has a breaking point. And, it's not to say I can't fix anything. I just can't fix anything that is broken.

A case in point; my easy chair.

A man's easy chair, especially mine, is control central of his world. My easy chair is so situated that I can easily access my entire world. Whoever inventedrepparttar 118088 easy chair must have been a genius, at least in my book.

Torepparttar 118089 left of my easy chair is a small stand with a light. On this stand rest various works in progress. I will admit some are in slow progress, but that'srepparttar 118090 way I like it. I can reach into this pile, pull out some work and spend a little time on it. Also on this stand is a well-stocked container of pens and pencils.

Someone in our house, and I will not mention any names, has suggested getting rid of this pile. There are times, and this is one of them, I do not pay attention to certain suggestions.

Torepparttar 118091 right of my easy chair are various items. I haverepparttar 118092 telephone,repparttar 118093 remote control and a variety of reference books, all within easy reach.

Atrepparttar 118094 foot of my easy chair leans a small notebook computer.

As you can see, my easy chair pulls my world together in a harmony of delightful reach-ability.

Recently, a situation developed with my easy chair. Last week as I sat in it, working on my computer, catching up with some work projects, I heard a funny sound.


I could not placerepparttar 118095 sound, so I ignored it. It'srepparttar 118096 manly thing to do. Whenever something happens I don't understand, I resort torepparttar 118097 old ignoring routine. Sometimes it'srepparttar 118098 only thing that really works. Then I heardrepparttar 118099 sound again.


This timerepparttar 118100 sound was much louder but before I could really do anything about it, I heardrepparttar 118101 sound forrepparttar 118102 third time.


Suddenly, my easy chair quivered. Then everything collapsed, and as I went free- falling, my whole life passed before my eyes. Fortunately, as it turned out, it was not my life but everything on my stand flipped inrepparttar 118103 air and came showering down on top of me. Papers, books,repparttar 118104 remote control and millions of pens and pencils smothered me in a heap of confusion.

For a brief moment, I did not know what happened, or where I was.

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