BMW 7 Series: The Best Driving Luxury Sedan in the World; With Impressive BMW Parts from Parts Train

Written by Jenny Mc Lane

The fourth-generation 7 Series isrepparttar most successful prestige luxury performance sedan in BMW's history. It is a highly prestigious luxury sedan offering generous space and comfort forrepparttar 138715 driver and passengers. All BMW 7 Series now feature BMW's two-stage Adaptive Brakelights: Wheneverrepparttar 138716 driver appliesrepparttar 138717 brakes harder than usual,repparttar 138718 larger brake light area warns motorists following behind. The optional CD changer is now MP3 CD-capable. The standard BMW Assist telematics service includes Bluetooth hands-free phone capability.

Virtually everything inrepparttar 138719 cabin is controlled through a single mouse-like interface called iDrive. BMW's controversial system controlsrepparttar 138720 heater,repparttar 138721 radio,repparttar 138722 navigation system. Amazing technology setsrepparttar 138723 BMW 7 series apart from its competitors. Silent, hidden fans and heating elements cool or warm your rear end or your soft drink; microchips can detect a skidding tire or applyrepparttar 138724 brakes full force just in case you were distracted by a phone call; power sunshades keeprepparttar 138725 sun off your rear passengers as adaptive headlights turn withrepparttar 138726 car.

BMW's iDrive interface system is standard on all 7 Series models, and can operate virtually everything inrepparttar 138727 car, from stereo to climate controls to telephone to navigation, with a single mouse-like control. Standard safety features include dual frontal airbags, driver and front-passenger side-impact airbags, and BMW's Head Protection System, which amounts to a full-length, tube-shaped curtain on both sides ofrepparttar 138728 cabin for front and rear head protection in a side impact. Also standard is BMW's Active Knee Protection, unique inflatable airbags that protect front passengers' knees. Its Anti-lock brakes, traction control and electronic stability control help drivers maintain control and avoid accidents

When Your Car Doesn’t Feel Right

Written by Staff

Okay, something’s wrong with your car. You know it. It just doesn’t “feel” right.

That may sound lame when you’re talking to your mechanic, but believe me, it’s not something you want to ignore.

Maybe you feel likerepparttar car is difficult to handle. Mayberepparttar 138714 ride just seems less smooth and stable. Perhaps there’s a vibration that wasn’t there before.

These symptoms almost always indicate a problem.

Is it harder to steer your vehicle? Do you have difficulty steering in a straight line? This might mean your front wheels are misaligned or you have worn steering parts.

Does your car feel like it wants to steer or pull torepparttar 138715 right or left? You’ll need to get this checked out. It may only be that your tires aren’t properly inflated. But it could also mean that your front end is misaligned or damaged in some way. That’s nothing to play around with!

Maybe your car feels like it’s vibrating. Your tires may need balancing in this case.

It’s a good idea to check your shock absorbers and struts, too. They might need replacing ifrepparttar 138716 car rides “strangely”.

If you put on your brakes, and your car pulls to one side – that means you need to take in it for repair.

Ifrepparttar 138717 brake pedal sinks torepparttar 138718 floor when pressure is maintained – same thing. Take it in.

If you hear or feel scraping or grinding when you applyrepparttar 138719 brake, this indicates a problem that needs to be checked out.

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