Written by Sharon Dalton Williams

Yesterday morning I was looking out of my office window atrepparttar trees in my front yard. The trees were filled with brown, shriveled, dead leaves. These leaves were once healthy and green. They had turned brilliant colors underrepparttar 124069 fall sky. But now they were old and dead.

The wind was blowing strong yesterday. Asrepparttar 124070 wind hitrepparttar 124071 trees,repparttar 124072 dead leaves came flying off. It looked liked a leaf shower. I could almost hearrepparttar 124073 trees laughing with glee thatrepparttar 124074 dead things hanging from their branches were finally flying away.

As I watched,repparttar 124075 thought hit me that every once in a while, we humans need to have a clean, refreshing wind blow through us to blow off all those dead things - ideas, attitudes, mindsets - that hang on us and weight us down.

What kinds of dead things are hanging off your branches?

Dead Thing #1 - I Can't Do This

Do you realize that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do? Your mind is a powerful instrument. If you believe you can do something, your mind is a powerful catalyst toward getting it done. Rather than sit on your couch and repeat over and over, *I can't,* start saying out loud (yes, out loud), *I can do this. I am able. Nothing is too hard for me.* Once you say it enough, you'll come to believe it. Then watch out world!

Dead Thing #2 - I Don't Know How

The people who really are rocket scientists didn't know how to build rockets until they learned. It's OK not to know how to do something. The problem is when we let this attitude keep us from attaining our goals. There are many resources onrepparttar 124076 Internet, in your local library, on your town's college campus. Take advantage of these resources and learn how to do what you need to do.

Dead Thing #3 - I'm Stupid

My husband was told this very thing so often while he was growing up, that eventually he came to believe it himself. Yes, some of us are able to access more of our brain power than others, but that doesn't mean that you are stupid. If you've heard this through your life from others, or if you've been telling yourself this, turn this around by repeating to yourself often throughoutrepparttar 124077 day, *I haverepparttar 124078 power to learn. I will learn. Nothing can stop me.* It may take you longer than some to reach your goal, but you will get there.

Keep Your Eye On the Goal and Go Around the Mule

Written by Roger Reece

One ofrepparttar most exciting activities you can engage in is goal setting. The future is bright and filled with endless possibilities, and by carefully planning a set of actions and milestones you can achieve nearly any goal you commit yourself to.

After you make your plan,repparttar 124068 first few weeks are energizing as you see yourself moving towardrepparttar 124069 goal. Your vision expands and you can feelrepparttar 124070 positive energy as you visualizerepparttar 124071 future and your anticipated accomplishments.

But sooner or later it's inevitable that you will face an unforeseen obstacle that seems impossible to overcome. The obstacle may be financial in nature, such as unplanned expenses or a failure to achieve initial revenue targets. It may come inrepparttar 124072 form of a person or a group of people who stand in direct opposition to your plans. You'll know when you encounter one of these immovable obstacles when you find yourself feeling defeated. It's at this stage that most goals get derailed.

I think of these immovable obstacles as mules. Mules have three key characteristics.

1) They will completely stop your progress. They seem to wait until you're moving full steam ahead, and then step out in front of you to blockrepparttar 124073 path to your goal.

2) They're stubborn. When you attempt coax them to move, they ignore you. When you try to move them out ofrepparttar 124074 way, they plant their feet and refuse to budge.

3) They don't go away. They seem determined to keep you from achieving your goals.

When a mule steps out in front of you to blockrepparttar 124075 achievement of your goal, you essentially have four options:

1) Abandon your goal. You can rationalize thatrepparttar 124076 goal isn't really important, or you can simply give up and feel defeated. This is a common response to mules, especially for people who are inrepparttar 124077 early stages of working toward a goal. Hopefully, you're committed to achieving your goals and haverepparttar 124078 determination to overcome any obstacle.

2) Wait forrepparttar 124079 mule to go away. This will generally lead you back to option one, because ifrepparttar 124080 obstacle is truly a mule, it won't go away. Goals, properly set, include milestones and are time-sensitive. The longer you remain in a stalled condition waiting for a mule to move,repparttar 124081 more milestones you'll miss, and eventually you'll be forced to admit failure.

3) Moverepparttar 124082 mule out ofrepparttar 124083 way. This will also generally lead you back to option one, because if it's really a mule, you won't be able to move it. One ofrepparttar 124084 most common pitfalls in attempting to achieve a goal is getting de-focused. Trying to move a mule is a totally frustrating experience, and you'll dissipate your energy inrepparttar 124085 process. If you want to succeed, you've got to keep your eye onrepparttar 124086 goal and not onrepparttar 124087 mule. Remember, your objective is to achieve your goal; not to moverepparttar 124088 mule.

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