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EEK! A Mouse on My Desk? A Wizard in My Window! What is this STUFF?

Written by Janet L. Hall

EEK! A Mouse on My Desk? A Wizard in My Window! What is this STUFF? By: Janet L. Hall

I sometimes forget, as many of you might, that not everyone I talk or write to is as knowledge as I am using a computer orrepparttar Internet. Now Iím not claiming to be an expert, but I do have a lot of experience.

My computer experience started long before PCís were on every desk orrepparttar 117701 Internet. At first I was a key card operator. I typed information onto a long card, a Holerith. Some of you might remember these cards in your phone or utility bill. DO NOT BEND, FOLD, STAPLE, or PUNCH!

I went from punching cards to teaching a software program, ALL-IN-1. Then for almost eight years I didnít go near a computer. A mouse, whatís that? Windows, Instant Messaging, Internet, Browser Ė I didnít have a clue!! However because ofrepparttar 117702 limited knowledge I had acquired, I soon found myself able to figure out and maneuver my way around a computer andrepparttar 117703 Internet.

You are probably wondering why Iím telling you all this.

Well, last year when I was at a conference, I heard many ofrepparttar 117704 attendees asking, ďDo I really need a web site or email for my business? I donít even know what a browser is, let alone HTML code!Ē

Not everyone hasrepparttar 117705 experience that you or I might. Everyday thousands of people are turning on a computer forrepparttar 117706 first time or getting onrepparttar 117707 Internet forrepparttar 117708 first time. Or worse, fed up and frustrated because they donít have any help. So here inrepparttar 117709 Computer Corner Iíd like to start a new series starting with definitions and then taking you step-by-step throughrepparttar 117710 world of owning and creating a web site.


Address-Location of a file or Web Page. Onrepparttar 117711 Internet, also know asrepparttar 117712 URL. Backup-Save your computer information on your hard drive that you save to another form of media. Boot-To start up your computer Browser-Sometimes called a Web Browser. This isrepparttar 117713 software program you use to move aroundrepparttar 117714 Internet, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape. Cache-Temporary storage area for Windows and Internet places recently used files, or pages visited. Case Sensitive-The difference between upper case letters and lower case letters, such as JANET or janet. CD-ROM-Computer Disc Read-Only Memory. High capacity storage. Also known as a CD. CD-ROM Drive-Hardware device needed to use a CD. Can be internal or external. Click-Press and releaserepparttar 117715 left or right side of your mouse. Clipboard-Temporary stored information that youíve Cut or Copied from a program, file, or document that you might want to paste into another program, file, or document. Command Prompt-symbol that looks like C: or A:. A place where you might need to type instructions Ė commands. CPU-Central Processing Unit, Chip in your computer thatís responsible for executing program instructions. Cursor-Little blinking line on your computer screen that shows you where you are or where your next letter will appear when you type. Default-predicted setting, such as whenever you create a document,repparttar 117716 font and font size are alwaysrepparttar 117717 same setting unless you change it. Defragmentation-Process of rewriting files to adjacent sections of a hard disk. Parts of files can become fragmented Ė spread over different areas of your hard disk (drive) which causes slower disk speed. Dial-Up Network-A way to connect torepparttar 117718 Internet through a modem and telephone lines. Directory- Disk Drive-Hardware where your files are stored, typically labeled C: or (C:). Download-Copy files from one computer to another, such as download a file or program fromrepparttar 117719 Internet to your computer. Driver-Software to control hardware, such as a print driver. DSL- DVD-High-capacity compact disc that can store data. Must have a DVD disc drive or player.

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