Written by Irvin L. Rozier


A favorite memory from my childhood memory pool Is being underneath my aunt's grape arbor, it was cool Clusters of juicy purple and white grapes hanging down Under Aunt Irma's grape arbor near Patterson town

That memory made me want to have some grapes to eat So I built a grape arbor where I could escaperepparttar heat The three vines I planted were frail and very small I wondered if they would even grow at all

My grape arbor covers over 700 square feet To watch those vines grow was quite a treat After three years of patiently waiting for a harvest I finally ate my own grapes, they wererepparttar 141018 best

Care of Slipper Orchids

Written by Bob Roy

Yes, Slipper Orchid Care Is Little Tricky But Read On and You Can Do It

Slipper orchid care for these orchids is a little more difficult than cattleyas but you can be successful. To me slipper orchids are one ofrepparttar prettiest orchids around. They have this waxy sheen to them andrepparttar 140969 petals and lips are thicker than most orchids.

The one feature that sets slipper orchids apart from others isrepparttar 140970 lip. It forms a cup like pouch . Another part ofrepparttar 140971 slipper orchid that sets them apart isrepparttar 140972 uppermost sepal which looks like an inverted heart. The lower sepals may be almost completely hidden from view byrepparttar 140973 pouch.

Slipper orchids bloom singly forrepparttar 140974 most part. They generally flower from autumn to spring although there are now hybrids that can bloom at anytime duringrepparttar 140975 year. As beautiful as these orchids are I need to tell you about slipper orchid care.

These paph orchids have no water storing features on them. And they are generally terrestrial,soil growing, growing inrepparttar 140976 shade ofrepparttar 140977 forest floor where they can always be moist. So watering needs to be available constantly. Paph orchid care requires that they be moist and never dry or soggy.

Paphs are unique, they are both warm growing and cool growing plants. Slipper orchid care will alter a little because ofrepparttar 140978 two different types of paphs.The warm growing need temperatures from 60 - 65 degrees to 75 -85 degrees. Whereasrepparttar 140979 cool growing orchid paphs need temps from 50 - 55 allrepparttar 140980 way up to 75 - 80 degrees. These orchids can also do well with a constant temperatures andrepparttar 140981 cool growing ones can stand temps intorepparttar 140982 40's if needed for a short time.

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