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How to write news releases that get noticed
Claire Cunningham

Written by
Claire Cunningham

What do you do with junk mail? Are you like me? I toss this stuff without opening it Ė unless I see some benefit. Publication editors dorepparttar same. They toss news releases that donít demonstrate a benefit to their audience.

Whatísrepparttar 150113 difference between a release that gets used and one that hitsrepparttar 150114 editorís circular file? Here are seven easy tips for writing releases that get picked up rather than thrown out.

1. Make sure itís newsworthy. Whatís newsworthy, you ask. To be newsworthy your topic needs to be timely, of interest torepparttar 150115 publicationís audience, benefit-oriented, and substantive (that is, not self-serving, hype or fluff.)

2. Write a powerful headline. The headline is what will pull inrepparttar 150116 editor or leave her/him cold. Keep it short and descriptive, but make it interesting.

3. Use journalist style. Editors are looking forrepparttar 150117 facts, not fluff. Be sure to includerepparttar 150118 essentials: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

4. Keep it brief. Editors are pressed for time and inundated with releases. Keep yours to one page, 300-800 words. The headline and first two paragraphs arerepparttar 150119 most important parts of your release.

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